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Andrew Lansdown

Andrew Lansdown

Born: 1954 in Pingelly, Western Australia, Australia
Resides: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Andrew Lansdown is a widely published and award-winning Australian writer whose works include 3 novels, 2 short story collections, 1 essay collection, 2 children’s poetry collections, 2 photography-and-poetry collections and 24 poetry collections (11 of which are chapbooks). All of Andrew’s poetry collections contain haiku, and two of his chapbooks (Warrior Monk and Little Matters) are devoted solely to haiku.

Awards and Other Honors:

Australia Council Literature Board Fellowships (6x); Western Australian Book Award for Poetry (2x); John Bray National Poetry Award; Melbourne Poets’ Union International Poetry Prize.

Books Published:

Homecoming – Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1979 (poems); A Ball of Gold: Poems for Children – Artlook Press, 1980 Counterpoise – Angus & Robertson, 1982 (poems); Windfall – Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1984 (poems); The Bowgada Birds – Shire of Kalamunda, 1986 (stories); Waking and Always – Angus & Robertson, 1987 (poems). New edition/reprint by Picaro Press, 2007; The Grasshopper Heart – Collins/Angus & Robertson, 1991 (poems); With My Knife – Omnibus Books, 1992; reprinted 1992, 1994 and 1996. New edition/reprint by Omnibus Books/Scholastic Australia, 2006; reprinted 2006, 2007, and 2008 (novel); Beyond the Open Door – Scholastic, New York, USA, 1993 (novel – USA edition of With My Knife); Between Glances – William Heinemann Australia, 1993 (poems); Abiding Things – Studio, 1996 (poems, stories & essays); Dragonfox – Scholastic Australia, 1997. New edition/reprint by Omnibus Books/Scholastic Australia, 2006; reprinted 2007 and 2009 (novel); Fontanelle – Five Islands Press, 2004 (poems); Warrior Monk: 22 haiku, senryu and minipoem sequences – Picaro Press, 2005; The Dispossessed – Interactive Publications, 2005 (stories); The Red Dragon – Omnibus Books/Scholastic Australia, 2006; reprinted 2007 and 2009 (novel); Birds in Mind: Australian Nature Poems – Wombat Books, 2009 (poems); Little Matters: 89 haiku & senryu – Picaro Press, 2009; Consolations: 48 tanka – Picaro Press, 2009; Far from Home: Poems of faith, grief and gladness – Wombat Books, 2010 (poems); Allsort: poetry tricks and treats – Wombat Books, 2011 (poems for young people); The Colour of Life in Two Poets (with Kevin Gillam) – Fremantle Press, 2011 (poems); Gestures of Love: The Fatherhood Poems – Even Before Publishing/Wombat Books, 2013 (poems); Inadvertent Things: poems in traditional Japanese forms – Walleah Press, 2013 (poems); Kyoto Sakura Tanka [Poems and Photographs of Japan in Spring] – Rhiza Press (Capalaba, Queensland), 2016 (poems and photographs); Distillations of Different Lands – Sunline Press (Cottesloe, WA), 2018 (poems; The Chronicles of Klarin – Rhiza Press (Capalaba, Queensland), 2019 (3 novels, 400 pp); Kyoto Momiji Tanka: Poems and Photographs of Japan in Autumn – Rhiza Press (Capalaba, Queensland), 2019 (poems and photographs; Abundance: New and Selected Poems – Cascade Books (Eugene, Oregon, USA), 2020 (poems).

Selected Work
the polished surface―
a white heron hesitates
to put its foot down
in the buckle
of the waterlily’s rim―
a buoyant frog
in the stoneware bowl
after the small bird’s bathing―
rainwater wobbling
over the humming
of the fridge, I hear again
a blue wren singing
the grey water tank―
how vividly it sets off
the mauve irises
the spiderweb―
billowing out with breezes
it cannot catch


“the polished surface” – The Heron’s Nest Vol. IV, No 2: February, 2002; “in the buckle” – Windfall: Australian Haiku, ed. Beverley George, Blue Giraffe Press, 2022; “in the stoneware bowl” – First Australian Haiku Anthology, ed. Janice M Bostok, John Bird and Jacqui Murray, Australian Haiku Society/ Paper Wasp, 2003; “over the humming”; “the grey water tank”— Second Australian Haiku Anthology, ed. Janice M Bostok, Katherine Samuelowicz & Vanessa Proctor, Paper Wasp, 2006; “the spiderweb” — Antipodes Vol. 34, No. 2, December 2020.

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