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Daniel Py

Daniel Py

Born: in Orléans, France
Resides: Orly, France
E-mail: dpy499 (at) hotmail (dot) fr

Co-founder of the AFH (French Haiku Association), 2003; Moderator of the WHC French forum (2005); Co-founder & organizer of the Paris kukaï (2007) []; Founder of the forum « senryu-fr » (2010) [].

Awards and Other Honors: Haiku International (Japan, 2001) [1 haiku (« winning works »]; Second Prize, Kumamoto Kusamakura Haiku Comp (2001); Selected haiku, Basho Memorial Museum (2007).

Books Published: HAÏKU 1999-2000 (bilingual. French-English)/ Ed. Clapàs (France, 2000); HAÏKU-SENRYÛ 2000-2001 (bilingual French-English)/ Ed. Clapàs (France, 2001); L'ANNÉE HAÏKU ( bilingual French-English) / Radijs 25, Ed. T'hoge Woord (Holland, 2001); etc.

Selected Work
the fruit bowl
overflowing with oranges
first snow
lush snow
slush now
grey shadows
of snowflakes
the white pavement
running around the
corner becomes ecstasy:
magnolia blossoms
on the small road
to the cemetery
the sun – my dad

Credits: "the fruit bowl" - Hermitage III (2006); "white" - Hermitage I (2004);"running around the" - Haiku International 24 (1996); "lush snow" - WHCfrench # 1624 (December 2011); "grey shadows" - Bashô Memorial Museum Competition (2007); "on the small road" - Woodpecker (September 2002).

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