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Shelly Bryant

Shelly Bryant

Born: February 26 1971 in Freeport Texas, USA
Resides: Singapore and Shanghai, China
E-mail: shellybryant (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shelly Bryant divides her year between Shanghai and Singapore, working as a teacher, writer, researcher, translator, and student of Chinese language and culture. She is the author of two volumes of poetry, Cyborg Chimera and Under the Ash, and a travel guide to the city of Suzhou entitled Suzhou Basics. Her third volume of poetry, Voices of the Elders, is due out in early 2012, and her travel memoir The End of the Line is slated for release in late 2012. Her current projects include writing an updated guide to the city of Shanghai for Urbanatomy and translating Sheng Keyi's novel《北妹》 (Northern Girls) for Penguin Books. Shelly's poetry has appeared in journals, magazines, and websites around the world, as well as in several art exhibitions, including dark 'til dawn, Things Disappear, and Studio White • Exhibition 2011.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner, LaForge Award [for "Compatriots"] (2006); Honorable Mention, Marilyn Stacy Award [for "These Three Remain"] (2006); Winner, Writing Edge magazine poetry competition [for "Real Life"] (2007); Rhysling Nomination, long poem [for "Manipulated"] (2010); Rhysling Nomination, short poem [for "Compelling Outward Flight"] (2011); Dwarf Stars Nomination [for "Ghost/Machine"] (2011).

Books Published: Cyborg Chimera (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2009); Suzhou Basics (Urbanatomy, 2010); Under the Ash (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2011). Upcoming: Voices of the Elders (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2012); Shanghai Guide (Urbanatomy, 2012); The End of the Line (Urbanatomy, 2012); Northern Girls [Sheng Keyi, author - Shelly Bryant, translator] (Penguin Books, 2012).

Selected Work
eeriness collides
with the all too human
an uncanny valley
dreams spread like wildfire 
in random variations
revolution’s spark
elderberry wine 
with harder substance laced
a fairy tale end
of the big bang
— a textured cosmos

Credits: "eeriness collides" - Star*Line (July-Sept 2011); "elderberry wine" - Scifiakuest (November 2009, online); "dreams spread like wildfire" - Eunoia Review (November 2010); "afterglow" - Eunoia Review (December 2011).

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