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Donna M. Bauerly

Donna M. Bauerly

Born: August 30 1934 in Potosi Wisconsin, USA
Resides: Dubuque, Iowa, USA
E-mail: donna (dot) bauerly (at) loras (dot) edu

Born in 1934, Donna lived for a short time in Potosi, Wisconsin, then moved with her recently widowed mother and two siblings to live in Dubuque, Iowa (hotbed of haiku), for most of her life.  She taught for 52 years in a wide variety of school assignments, the last 36 of them as a professor of literature and writing at Loras College in Dubuque.  She retired (sort of) in 2007, serving her last two years in a 13-year tenure as a member of the public school board, and is still quite active serving as President of the Carnegie-Stout Public Library Foundation, and researching and writing the biography of Raymond Roseliep, noted priest-poet and a true haijin.  Some of her work has appeared in the following: Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 46:2 (2001) [“One of the Old Guard Still Lives: Dr. Frank Lehner,” pp. 69-72]; Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 29:1 (1984) [“Rabbit in the Moon: a Critical Review,” pp. 4-7]; Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 28:4 (1983) [“Far As the Eye Can See,” pp. 120-121]; Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 27:2 (1982) ["Swish: a Critical Review,” pp. 61-62]; Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 25:2 (1980) [“The Still Point: a Critical Review,” pp. 40-45]; Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal 21:3 (1976) [“Flute Over Walden: a Critical Review,” pp. 98-101]; The Emily Dickinson Journal  1:2 (1992) [“Emily Dickinson’s Rhetoric of Temporality,” pp. 1-7]; A View from the Academy: Liberal Arts Professors on Excellent Teaching (Ed. Thomas Warren. NY: Association of Independent Private Colleges and University Press of America, 1992) [“The Many Voices of the Classroom,” Chapter 13, pp. 94-102]; Loras Faculty Review 3:1 (Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College, (1992) [“For the Sake of Keeping,” pp. 124-127; Loras Faculty Review 2:1 (Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College, 1990) ["Beginning Readings of the Text ‘Mistress and Maid’ by Jan Vermeer Pre and Post Modern Critical Reactions to the Cover of Eagleton’s Literary Theory,” pp. 21-27]; Pembroke Magazine (Pembroke, North Carolina: Pembroke State University, 1988) [“Themes of Eros and Agape in Carson McCullers’ Major Fiction," pp. 72-76]; Wind Chimes (Glen Burnie, MD, Spring 1985) [“After Your Kiss”]; Wind Chimes (Glen Burnie, MD, Spring 1984) [“Rabbit in the Moon”]; Studia Mystica 7:2 (Sacramento, CA: U of California, 1984) ["One More Roseliep,” pp. 3-12]; Wind Chimes (Glen Burnie, MD, Winter, 1983) [“Porch Swing, a Haiku Sequence”]; The Witness LXI:6 (Dubuque, Iowa, 26 March, 1981) ["Listen to Light. Haiku by Raymond Roseliep: a Critical Review”]; A Roseliep Retrospective (Ithaca, NY: Alembic, 1980) [“Raymond Roseliep, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” pp. 29-44].

Awards and Other Honors: Marquette University: NDEA Fellow, Highest Honors: Ph.D. comprehensives; Briar Cliff College: Maxima cum laude; Outstanding Educator of America, Danforth Associate, American Association of Higher Education: Honored Faculty 1989; Exemplary Teaching Forum, 1991 and 1992; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Visiting Scholar, 1990-91; Loras College: John Henry Cardinal Newman Award for Excellence in Teaching and Campus Leadership, 1994; President’s Award for Community Service 2001. Cardinal John O'Connor Endowed Catholic Chair, 2002-2003; Professor Emeritus, Loras College, 2007; Distinguished Alumnus Award, October 13, 2007.

Books Published: Raymond Roseliep – Man of Art Who Loves the Rose (The Haiku Foundation, 2015).

Selected Work
firefly and small plane
autumn maple
the red-haired girl
the wild canary
sings outside 
my cage
leaving you—
lips at the winter
porch swing
the pendulum
after your kiss
wrong turn
on a one-way street

Credits: "twilight" - Wind Chimes (Winter 1983) [from "Triptych: Porch Swing"]; "the wild canary" - Wind Chimes (Winter 1983) [from "Triptych: Porch Swing"]; "porch swing" - Wind Chimes (Winter 1983) [from "Triptych: Porch Swing"]; "autumn maple" - Wind Chimes (Winter 1983); "leaving you" - Wind Chimes “In Memoriam” issue for Raymond Roseliep (Spring 1984); "after your kiss" - Wind Chimes 14.

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