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Stephen Toft

Stephen Toft

Born: 1980 in Hampshire, United Kingdom
Resides: Lancashire, United Kingdom
E-mail: stevetoft (at) hotmail (dot) com

Stephen Toft is a poet and homelessness worker who lives in Lancaster, UK with his wife and their children. His work has appeared in a variety of international journals and anthologies. His first collection the kissing bridge was published by Red Moon Press in 2008 and in December 2016 Scars Publications released his chapbook "naming a storm: haiku and tanka." In 2018 Yavanika Press released his third collection “deer heart” as a free to download e-book.

Awards and Other Honors:

Winner - Basho - an international haiku competition 2018; Winner - The Haiku Calendar Competition 2005 (Snapshot Press, 2005); Second Place - Presence #39 best-of-issue award; 3rd Prize - Seashores Rugby haiku contest 2019; 3rd prize - Autumn Moon haiku contest 2017; 3rd Prize - Blood Donation haiku contest 2015; Third Place - Presence Seashell Game (2010); honourable mention - IRIS – a little haiku contest 2017; honourable mention - Betty Drevniok award 2016; commended - Haikunow! - award 2014; Runner-up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2004 (Snapshot Press, 2004); Editor's Choice, The Heron's Nest (October 2003).

Books Published:

the kissing bridge - Red Moon Press 2008; naming a storm: haiku and tanka - Scars Publications 2016; deer heart -Yavanika Press 2018.

Selected Work
first spring day
a man repairs
the kissing bridge
migrating geese―
her scent finally gone
from my pillow
a beautiful scent
has led me
to a cliff-edge
winter solstice
I kiss the scars
on her wrist
summer dusk:
my neighbour sings
to his roses
deepening winter
he listens
to her womb


"first spring day" - Snapshots 12 (Snapshot Press, 2006); "a beautiful scent" - Presence 22; "summer dusk" - Blithe Spirit 13:2 (2003); "migrating geese" - HQ Poetry Magazine 29; "winter solstice" - Snapshots 12 (Snapshot Press, 2006); "deepening winter" - Editors' Choice, The Heron's Nest V:10 (2003).


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