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Robert H. Deluty

Robert H. Deluty

Born: May 12 1954 in Bronx New York, USA
Resides: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA
E-mail: deluty (at) umbc (dot) edu

Dr. Robert H. Deluty is the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  He has been a psychology professor at UMBC since 1980, and was named Presidential Teaching Professor in 2002.  Dr. Deluty's poems and essays have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Modern Haiku, Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy, The Journal of Poetry Therapy, Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem, Frogpond, and many other newspapers, journals, and anthologies.  His 34th book of poetry, A Scratch On The Wall, is scheduled to be published in January 2012.

Awards and Other Honors: Editor's Choice Award, Fauquier Poetry Journal for "Loan" (July 1996); Featured Poet, Haiku Headlines (June 2000); Featured Poet, Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem (September 2003); Featured Writer, The Pegasus Review (July 2008); Featured Poet, CitiLit Muse (December 2009); Featured Poet, The Maryland Psychologist (January/February 2010).

Books Published: Between nothing and all (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2011); Too old to know everything (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2011); Toward darkness, toward light (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2011); Making riddles out of answers (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2011); When silence is not an option (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2011); Finding solace in the dictionary (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2010); Dancing with their shadows (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2010); Invisible keepsakes: Poetry and prose (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2010); Waiting for the echo (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2010); A zoo in a jungle (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2010); Right simple (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2009); Unfolding (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2009); Giving the mundane its due (Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books, 2009); Fractions of eternity (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2009); Walking through many lives (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2009); As with sunbeams (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2008); Ripples to the horizon (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2008); Hour/minute/second helpings (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2008); In praise of the commonplace (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2008); Hearing the grass grow (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2007); The thread of revelation: Poems & prose (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2007); A handful of sand (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2007); In the moment (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2007); Giving subtilty to the simple (Baltimore, MD: Gteway Press, 2006); Infinity in the palm of one's hand (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2006); Specks and flashes (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2006); Glimpses and snapshots (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2005); Present sense: New and selected poems (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2005); Treasuring the details (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2005); The essence of moments (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2004); Observed and imagined: Poems and essays (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2004); The long and short of it: Essays and poems (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2003); Within and between (Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2000).

Selected Work
their long blond hair
in matching pony tails . . .
father and daughter
holiday dinner . . .
discussing the dead, dying
and ought-to-be killed
first breakfast . . .
newlywed complaining
his ring's too heavy
another birthday . . .
waitress of thirty years
serving herself
in mourning . . .
his refrigerator filled
with homemade pies
goes to the market
just to hear another voice --
paper or plastic

Credits: "their long blond hair" - Modern Haiku 31:3 (2000); "first breakfast" - The Pegasus Review (January/February Issue, 2002); "in mourning" - Frogpond 23:1 (2000); "holiday dinner" - Modern Haiku 33:2 (2002); "another birthday" - Haiku Headlines 14:6 (2001); "goes to the market" - Modern Haiku 28:2 (1997).

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