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Ernesto P. Santiago

Ernesto P. Santiago

Born: in Solano Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
Resides: Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
E-mail: otsenrepogaitnas (at) gmail (dot) com

A Filipino who resides in Athens, Greece, and who wants to be a gr8 haiku poet.

Books Published: The Walking Man (Outskirts Press, 2007); The Poet Who Asked the Birds How To Fly (Outskirts Press, 2009).

Selected Work
the sky is ready... 
embracing unknown spirits 
I smell my pillow
the mirror pond
I wish to remain
spring bud
the mother's womb
soon to open
what I like
summer camping
in the middle of the trees
I see no forest
Leaf peepers crash
the multi-colored leaves
of cultural haze

Credits: "the sky is ready" - Featured/Published on the HSA "Haiku Wall" exhibited in the historic Liberty Theatre Gallery at the Quarterly National Haiku Society of America Meeting in Bend, Oregon on June 3-5, 2011 as part of the downtown Bend, Oregon First Friday June Art Walk; A winning haiku, The International Library of Poetry (2006); Published in my poetry book The Walking Man (Outskirts Press, 2007); "spring bud" - Librasia - Vladimir Devidé Haiku Awards 2011 Grand Prize-Runner up, Japan; "summer camping" - The Mainichi Daily News (Mainichi, Japan, August 11, 2011); "the mirror pond" - The Mainichi Daily News (Mainichi, Japan, June 16, 2011); "spring" - The Mainichi Daily News (Mainichi, Japan, April 29, 2011); "Leaf peepers crash" - The Asahi Shimbun: Asahi Haikuist Network (Japan, October 21, 2011).

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