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Ramesh Anand

Ramesh Anand

Born: December 07 1980 in Tanjore, India
Resides: Johor Bahru, Malaysia
E-mail: rameshsvce (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ramesh Anand is a Senior R&D Engineer based in Johor, Malaysia.  He lives happily with his better half, Divya, and their best little half, Tanmayi.  He completed his professional education from Chennai, India.  His life experiences, as haiku moments, have been published in Magnapoets, Notes From the Gean, Shamrock Ireland Haiku Journal, Simply Haiku, Muse India, Mango Moons, OM Times Magazine, Sketchbook, and Frog Croon.  His haiku work is also forthcoming in Acorn, The Heron's Nest, Bottle Rockets Press, Origa's Prayer For Japan haiku book, and many other Japanese short forms journals.  His free verse poetry has been published by Muse India - “Butterfly" (August 2010), Boloji - “Blink Of An Eye" (October 2010), "My Pet’s End" (October 2010), "Autumn" (January 2011), Voicesnet - “Universal Touch" (December 2010), "Late Autumn" (March 2011), and Writers Globe Web Journals -“Blink Of An Eye" (October 2010).

Books Published: Newborn Smiles [Preface by Patricia Prime & Kala Ramesh] (Cyberwit.Net, 2012).

Selected Work
spring moon . . .
the scent of jasmine
spreading in the night
winter twilight—
homing mynahs
over my backstroke
monsoon ends
. . . the lake filling into
sunrise warms
. . . the waves rolling towards
her cobra pose
twilight spreads
. . . the jasmines petals in
the garlands shop
winter deepens 
. . . lungi shivering on 
the beggar's face

Credits: "spring moon" - Shamrock Ireland Haiku Journal, Issue 18; "monsoon ends" - Simply Haiku 9:1 (2011); "twilight spreads" - Simply Haiku 9:1 (2011); "winter twilight" - Gean Tree Press 2:4; "sunrise warms" - Sketchbook 6:2; "winter deepens" - Simply Haiku 9:2 (2011).

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