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Lilia Racheva Dencheva

Lilia Racheva Dencheva

Born: November 07 1963 in Rousse, Bulgaria
Resides: Rousse, Bulgaria
E-mail: lilira4eva (at) abv (dot) bg

I am editor of the weekly newspaper in northeastern Bulgaria, Forum. It's situated in the city of Rousse, Bulgaria. I'm responsible for the "Culture" and "Society" section. I have a book of my own, with poems. My work has also been published in Pristine of Love (2001), Invasive Fires (2005) European haiku The Rose (2003), Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry, One Thousand Cranes (Published by biblioteca Romanian kukai), and LiterNet (Bulgaria).

Selected Work
Black crows– 
Scattered rosary
In a winter morning.
Icy scherzo,
The wind plays
On the copper bells.
Underneath my window
The sparrows fight
For a crust of bread.
The rain pipe
Can’t stop crying
He’s alone.
Frozen lake.
Grey silence
In a white desert.
Winter whims,
Icy leaves 
Hardly whisper.

Credits: All selections are from Simply Haiku (Spring, 2011), translated by Radosvet Alexandrov.

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