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N V Subbaraman

N V Subbaraman

Born: February 17 1941 in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India
Resides: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
E-mail: nvsubbaraman (at) gmail (dot) com

N V Subbaraman is editor of the poetry journal Young Poet [].  His haiku have been published by Sunban Publishers, Poetry World(published by The World Poetry Society Intercontinental under the patronage of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda-World Peoples Poet, World Peace Poet- President Soka Gakkai International, Chennai, which serially published 380 of his haiku from Oct.2009 to Oct. 2010); the monthly journal Poets International (Bangalore); and Emagazines/online magazines Triond,,, Poem Hunter, and others.

Awards and Other Honors: Michel Madusudan Award; Winged Word Award; Fellow of the United Writers Association of India.

Books Published: Gift of Life [collection of poems in English] (C P Brown Memorial Library, Cudappa, Andhra Pradesh, 1998); Nilave Ni Sol [collection of Tamil poems] (M/S Renuka Publications, Chennai, 1999); Breeze [second volume of English poems] (M/s Pearl Publications, Chennai, 2000); Thiruvalluvar Aathisoodi [translation to English from Tamil] (MTS Academy, Chennai, 2001); Voice of Valluvar [translated work from Tamil to English] (MTS Academy, Chennai, 2002); CRR at the Peak [biographical work- translated from Tamil to English] (MTS Academy, Chennai, 2003); Muththamiz Malarkal [book of prose, poetry and plays in Tamil] (Mahalakshmi Publishers, Vellore, 2006); Kanne Maniye Kavithai kelu [children's poems in Tamil] Mahalakshmi Publishers, Vellore, 2007); Silver Fishes in the Blue Waters [collection of 253 haiku in English] (Sanbun Publications, New Delhi, 2008); Mazalaiyar AAthisoodsi [maxims for young ones in Tamil] (M/s Renuka Publishers, Chennai, 2008); Arive Valimai [essays in Tamil] (Mahalakshmi Publishers, Vellore, 2008); Kalam Potru [essays in Tamil] (Mahalakshmi Publishers, Vellore, 2009); Padi vantha Nila [essays in Tamil on Bharathiyar's works and philosophy] (GirijaPublishers, Thanjavur, 2009); Forthcoming: Valluvar vaychchol [easy interptretation of 1330 couplets- Thirukkural in Tamil] (Girija Publishers, Thanjavur); Vazvikka vantha Mahan [essays in Tamil on Gandhi's philosophy and work] (Mahalaksdhmi Publishers, Vellore); Voice of Ramana [translation of Bhagwan Ramana's 110 couplets in Tamil to English in haiku format with explanation] (Girija Publication, Thanjavur).

Selected Work
Show love and respect
To all in the happy world
Nature's love perfect!
Universal love
Like nectar from the heaven
Great poets can give!
Divine love unites
Cares not caste, creed and color
Yet man's mind divides!
To promote world peace
Poetry the medium
Poet sings with poise!
Love - life's golden key
That opens Heaven's doors
To all those who see!
Like Siamese twins
Peace and love inseparable
One who promotes wins!

Credits: All selections are from Triond (Authspot) on October 25, 2010 under the caption "Kingdom of God Spins".

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