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Sonja Kosler

Sonja Kosler

Born: in Helena Montana, USA
Resides: East Silent Lake, Dent, Minnesota, USA
E-mail: PoetRising (at) gmail (dot) com

Sonja Kosler is drawn to the impact of the power of words and their meticulous placement on a page. It is not uncommon for her to jot a phrase and then work for several years to prepare a piece worthy of editing. It may take more years to stop the process, knowing it could be better. There are also rare moments when a complete poem is gifted only to slip away without having the images recorded. Sometimes her poetry flows freely and sometimes seeps beyond prescribed boundaries. Sonja is a former broadcast and print journalist. Now in retirement she lives on a small Minnesota lake surrounded by the beauty of nature. Here the surface view inspires reflection. Deeper observations bring confrontation with the natural process including her own aging. As life contributes to the muse, so does death come too soon. Her work has appeared in regional and national publications.

Awards and Other Honors: Springtime in Minnesota Award for Gramma Tells the Young Ones About Spring (2008); Storyteller Magazine People’s Choice Award for Child of my Child (2011); Political Ballgame chosen by John Kotko for reading at June 2011 open mic in Chicago at the Café.

Selected Work
Wood kisses white sphere.
Hero trots the victory track.
True signals of spring
Leaves faded to ground.
1950 World Series
Daughter shares with Dad.
He spits; he scratches;
he takes three passes; then swings.
He exhales summer.
Diamond under snow
Awaits returning anthems.
Left field wall echoes: Play Ball!

Credits: All selections are from Ardent 6:1 (June 2011).

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