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Laura Sherman

Laura Sherman

Born: October 1965 in New Haven Connecticut, USA
Resides: Clearwater, Florida, USA
E-mail: Laura (at) LauraSherman (dot) com

Laura Sherman, also known as The Friendly Ghostwriter, helped create the series Quicksilver for the Haiku Foundation’s blog Troutswirl in 2010. In 2012 she published Chess Is Child’s Play, a book designed to help parents teach their young children to play chess. Today, Laura homeschools her three children on the road in their RV, while helping clients write and publish their book projects.

Selected Work
scent of rain
we look for toads
in the dark
Lake Cherokee an echo in each breaststroke
Honeymoon Island―
she brushes sand off
the chessboard


"scent of rain" - haijinx IV:I (2011); "Lake Cherokee" - Acorn Issue #26 (2011); "Honeymoon Island" - The Heron’s Nest Vol. XIII, No. 3: September 2011.

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