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Bridget Cougar

Bridget Cougar

Born: May 06 1957 in Fresno California, USA
Resides: Sacramento, California, USA
E-mail: bcougar (at) yahoo (dot) com

Bridget enjoys sitting beside a nearby river, watching surprising things float past. She lives with two whimsical cats and loves to laugh, dance, sing and nap. Her motto is: Every ordinary moment has the potential to be an extraordinary moment.

Awards and Other Honors: Second Place, 5th Annual Shiki Kukai, free format section.

Selected Work
in every direction
paying rapt attention
to a rainbow
cold radio dish
listening to distant stars
crows caw from the rim
wind whipping 
dust rises
chilly day
finding cat toys
in my flannel sheets

Credits: "dawn" - Second Place, 5th Annual Shiki Kukai, free format section (October 2007); "cold radio dish" - Bear Creek Haiku 61 (2005); "chilly day" - Bear Creek Haiku 61 (2005); "schoolkids" - Haiku Presence 29 (2006); "wind whipping" - Haiku Presence 30 (2006).

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