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Allen McGill

Allen McGill

Born: August 26 in New York City, New York, USA
Resides: Ajijic, Mexico
E-mail: malvas41 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Allen McGill was haibun editor for Simply Haiku. He has published haiku, haibun, and other genres. Often published in The Heron's Nest, Frogpond, and many others including Amaze-Cinquain; Anti-War Haiku; Arabesques Review; Artella; Artistry of Life; Asahi Haikuist Network; Asian American Poetry; Atencion San Miguel; Autumn Leaves; Belfast News; Blackmail Press; Book Of Remembrance; Buddha's Temple; Byakkohaiku; Cenotaph PE; Clean Sheets; Clouds Peak; Coffee Bean Shop; Coffee Press Journal; Contemporary Haibun and Haiga; Contemporary Haibun Online; Copperfield Review; Dark Krypt; Eclectica; Erotic Tales Anthology; Everyday Accounts; Famous Reporter; Fireweed; Flashquake; Foliate Oak; Full Moon; Gin Bender; Haiga Online; haiku miscellany, Klostar Ivanic 2005; Haiku Harvest; HaikuPoetsHut; Haiku Scotland; HaikuSun; Harrow; Inglis House Poetry; Ink Pot; Kaleidowhirl; Key West Sunset; Kokako; Lampshade; Laughter Loaf; Literary Potpourri; Loch Raven Review; Long Story Short; Lotus Blooms Journal; Lynx; Madpoets; Mainichi Daily News; Makata (Philippines); miniWords 2007 - 1st Prize; Mocha Memoirs; Modern Haiku; Moments; Moonset; Net Author E2K; New Hope Int'l Review Online; Paper Wasp; Peppermint Papers; Poetic Diversity; Photo-Haiku Gallery; Poetic Voices; Poetry Board League; Poetry Midwest; Poetry Scotland; Poetry Super Highway; Poets Int'l (India); Potpourri; Rainy Day/Cornell; Random Planets; Raw NerVZ; Real Eight View; Rear View Quarterly; Ripples; Rose Haiku Anthology; Salt River Review; Roadrunner; Scorched Earth; Shadow Poetry; Shiki Monthly; Shinzounokodou; Short Stuff; Shreve Memorial Library; Simply Haiku; SMA OnLineNewsMag; SP Quill; Stylus Poetry Journal; SxSE; Tamaphyr Mountain Poetry; Temps Libres; Tiny Words; Torrid Sky; Tryst Poetry Journal; Verse Libre Quarterly; Versions; Voices Net Anthology-2003; WAH! Haiku; White Heron; White Lotus; WHC Treetops; Wildwalk Haiku Kukai; WHA; Word Riot; World Haiku Review; Write Away Poetry (WAH); Writers e-zine; Writers Hood; Yellow Moon; Yomiuri Daily; and Zimmer-zine.

Awards and Other Honors: The Heron's Nest Editors' Choice Award (July 2003); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Haiku International Contest (2003); First Place, Haiga Online; First Place (Free Format Kukai), HaikuWorld-Shiki (May 2003); Second Place (rengay), Poetry Board League (March 2003, with Gene Murtha & Ron Moss); Runner-up, Inglis House Poetry Contest (July 2003); Fifth Place, World Haiku Assn Haiga Contest #7; Sixth Place, World Haiku Assn Haiga Contest #9; Fourth Place (tie), World Haiku Assn Haiga Contest #11; NPAC top 10/haiga (9th, Oct. 2003; 6th, Nov.2003;7th, Dec.2003; 6th, Jan.2004); Second Prize (two), Kusamakura Haiku Contest (Oct 2003); Honorable Mention (5th Place), Hoshino Takashi Award (2003); Seventh Place (Photo Haiku), NPAC (Dec 2003); Work of Merit, 4th World-wide Double Kukai; Editor, haibun-Simply Haiku; The Heron's Nest Valentine Award (2004); Third Runner-up, The Heron's Nest Readers' Choice Favorite Poet for 2003; Second Runner-up, The Heron's Nest Readers' Choice Favorite Poem for 2003; Honorable Mention, 6th Suruga Baiga Literary Festival (2004); Honorable Mention, Kamakura Shrine Contest; First Prize, Yellow Moon Haibun; First Place, Kigo Kukai HaikuWorld-Shiki (June 2004); Second Place, Inglis House Poetry Contest (June 2004); Invited to read his work at Literary Festival Taiwan (March 2005); Fourth Place, Tanka Splendor Award (2004); Fourth Place, Annual Kukai (2004); Second Place, R H Blyth Haibun Award (2004); Featured Writer, Artistry Of Life (Winter 2005); Poetry Super Highway - Poetry of the Week (Oct 31-Nov 6 2005); Special Merit Award, Oh-I, Ocha New Haiku Contest #16 (2005); SPOTLIGHT - Asian American Poetry (Aug 2006); Runner-up, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2007.

Books Published: Sunseekers - selected haiku & haibun (Golden Swamp Warbler Press, 2006).

Selected Work
storm clouds
the valley darkens
farm by farm
winter moon  
faces and hot cider 
in the firelight
Kamakura mist    
a red bird pauses
in Buddha's palm
ballet tights frozen
in fifth position
rustle of bamboo  
the steady pace 
of oxen hauling fruit
my friend's wake
a bookshelf labeled
"To Be Read"

Credits: "storm clouds: - Editors' Choice Heron's Nest Award, The Heron’s Nest V:7 (2003); Readers' Choice Favorite Poems, Second Runner-up for 2003 (The Heron's Nest Valentine Awards, 2004); "Kamakura mist" - Treetops (Nov 2002); "rustle of bamboo" - The Heron's Nest IV:10 (2002); "winter moon" - TempsLibres (Oct 2002); "clothesline" - The Heron's Nest VI:8 (2004); "my friend's wake" - The Heron's Nest V:4 (2003).

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