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Horst Ludwig

Horst Ludwig

Born: 1936 in Ritterswalde, Upper Silesia, Germany
Resides: St. Peter, Minnesota, USA

Horst Ludwig's university education: Institute of Technology Braunschweig, Free University Berlin, University of Minnesota. International study travel to over fifteen countries on three continents. Twice he taught for an academic year as exchange professor in Japan, where he was significantly exposed to the history and structure of haiku by Yukio Kotani, professor of Comparative Literature and also a leader of a kasen circle in Tokyo. Horst started writing haiku in the fifties, and as an academic teacher at Gustavus Adolphus College, he included haiku and their analysis as a regular literary topic into his courses. He was a ressort-editor of Schatzkammer der deutschen Sprache, Dichtung und Geschichte, an American journal for teachers of German, and of Trans-Lit, journal of the Society for Contemporary American Literature in German, and has been active in Pegnesischer Blumenorden von 1644 / Pegnesian Flower Order of 1644 at Nuremberg, several haiku societies, and other literary and linguistic associations. Among his haiku interests is also Japanese style partner poetry, and he has chaired a number of German language kasen. His special interest, however, is haiku as literary work of art and its analysis.

Awards and Other Honors: 1993: Robert L. Kahn Prize for the best German poetry text by a resident of North America; Certificate of Excellence at the 2001 Suruga Baika Literature Festival; Three best texts in the 2001 issues of (selected by James Kirkup); Supplementary Award in the Hoshi to Mori Tanka Competition in 2002; 3rd Prize in the 7th Kusamakura Haiku Competition of Kumamoto City, Japan, in 2002; 3rd Prize Mainichi International Contest 2011; Silberbergpreis - The Best Poems, Germany 2013; Honorable Mention (Iga Bashô Festival 2013).

Books Published:       Books: Wind im Bambusspiel: Sechsunddreißig Haiku / Wind in bamboo chimes: 36 haiku (1981, reissued 1991 with an English translation by Nancy Hanson Nash); Ludwig, Horst and Max Verhart, Zwölf Monde / Twaalf Manen / Twelve Moons: A Bilingual Rengay Series (Minnesota & Netherlands, 2005); "Blicke in ein Jahr / Glances into a Year", a nineteen-piece haiga-portfolio, in cooperation with Beate Conrad (HaikuGlobus 2009); "Leichtes Bewehen / In a Gentle Breeze", a Haiga Folding Book, in cooperation with Beate Conrad (HaikuGlobus 2012).      Articles about haiku: The Journal of Intercultural Studies (The Intercultural Research Institute, Kansai Gaidai University); Mitteilungsblätter des Pegnesischen Blumenordens / Notes of the Pegnesian Flower Order (Nuremberg); Vierteljahresschrift der Deutschen Haiku-Gesellschaft / VDH - Quarterly of the German Haiku Society; TempsLibres / Free Times (Serge Tomé, Belgium); kô / Haiku Magazine (Nagoya, Japan), among others.      Other publications: Haiku, senryû, tanka, and haibun appeared in many haiku journals, haiku anthologies, and magazines concerning Japanese culture. Discussion of Horst Ludwig as haiku author and discussion of, or with reference to, his haiku in, among others, Chrysanthemum (Beate Conrad); VDH; (Ingrid Kunschke, Verica Zivkovic); The Journal of Intercultural Studies (Ilse Pracht-Fitzell); TempsLibres / Free Times (Max Verhart); Yukio Kotani's Review Sekai o Musubu Kokoro to Kotoba (Character and language that connect the world - Travels, Studies, Haikai); Tokyo: Kindai Bungeisha, 2004; Woodpecker (Wim Lofvers); "Global Haiku Tradition" (Haiku course, Millikin University); "Impressive Haiku" (Geocities/Fukeidai); Publik-Forum / Zeitung kritischer Christen; Fehrsgilde (Heinrich Kahl); upvarrons (Roberto Alaban Jr., Philippines); suien (Nobuyuki Takahashi).

Selected Work
Outside the clinic
a crow, slow, stepping away
from some carrion.
Autumnal evening.
The shadows following me
are getting longer.
A breath of wind.
Leaves of grass bending
and trembling back.
November drizzle.
In my headlights, vanishing,
two graceful deer.
A child in the door
watching the old man walk by
in the autumn rain.
At the river bend
an old man's taking a rest.
Fall evening sunshine.

Credits: "Outside the clinic" - Certificate of Excellence; Suruga-Baika Literature Festival (2001); "A breath of wind" - 1st Prize, Iga-Chô Bashô (2002); "A child in the door" - 3rd Prize, 7th Kusamakura Haiku Contest, Kumamoto, Japan (2002); "Autumnal evening" - "Haiku Wall", Quarterly National HSA Meeting, Bend, Oregon, (2011); "November drizzle" - The Mainichi Daily News (02/12/2007); "At the river bend" - Iga Bashô Festival (2013).

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