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Guy Vanden Broeck

Guy Vanden Broeck

Born: December 24 1949 in Kortrijk, Belgium
Resides: Avelgem, Belgium
E-mail: guy (dot) vanden (dot) broeck (at) pandora (dot) be

I’m a teacher. I’m a member of the Flemish haiku-circle "De Fluweelboom" (the Sumac) since 1990, being the secretary of the club ( since 2001. I’m writing haiku in Dutch, French, and Italian. Some of them have been translated in English. I published two booklets with haiku for the pleasure of me and my friends. Haiku of mine have been published in different anthologies: Anthologies of our Haiku-circle: Rond de Fluweelboom 2 (1994); De Rijm valt uit de Berken (Rond de Fluweelboom 3 (1999); Een vlucht herfstvogels (Rond de Fluweelboom 4, 2004) Al stappend op kasseien (Rond de Fluweelboom 5, 2009). Other anthologies: Ombres et Lumières, Anthologie Franco-Bulgare (2003); L’Erotique, Poème court/Haiku (2006); Oltre l’Autunno, Antologia Haiku (2006); Nell’Armadio del Pane e altri Haiku [74 haiku italiano-inglese] (2006); Le Bleu du Martin-Pêcheur, Anthologie trilingue (2007); Euro-Haiku, a bi-lingual Anthology [David Cobb] (2007); A Gonfie Vele verso l’Elba, Le voci della Poesia (2008); Un sasso nella mano/ A pebble in my hand [114 Haiku, Antologia Internazionale italiano-inglese] (2008).

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable Mention, Antwerp Dutch haiku-contest (1998); Honorable Mention, 7th Suruya Baika Literary Festival (2004); Honorable Mention, 4° Concorso Internazionale Cascina Macondo (2006); Merit Award, 18th Ito En ‘Oh-I, Ocha’ Haiku Contest (2007); Honorable Mention, 4° Capoliveri Concorso di Haiku (2008); Fourth Prize, 8° Concorso Internazionale Cascina Macondo (2010).

Books Published: Klimmend op een grassprietje [44 haiku in Dutch, with French and English translation] (2004); L’inverno fonde [72 haiku italiani] (2009).

Selected Work
Biting cold—
my tongue’s tic seeking out
the broken molar.
Class reunion—
in a corner of the playground
fallen leaves.
Empty house—
in the neglected lawn
sweet violets.
The kissing sounds
of my sloshing shoes—
winter melts away

Credits: "Biting cold" - Euro-Haiku, a bi-lingual Anthology [David Cobb] (2007); "Empty house" - 7th Suruya Baika Literary Festival Selected Works (2004); "Class reunion" - 18th Ito En ‘Oh-I, Ocha’ Haiku Contest (2007); "The kissing sounds" - Whirligig, Multilingual Journal (2010).

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