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Susan Holmes Murata

Susan Holmes Murata

Born: June 05 1949 in Bellows Falls Vermont, USA
Resides: Marlborough, New Hampshire, USA
E-mail: mommalifeforce (at) gmail (dot) com

A lover of nature, words, history and how things fit together, Susan Murata was educated formally at the University of New Hampshire in speech. Informally educated through Life, Work, and Raising Children in places from New York City to the coast of Maine, she has honed her observation skills - producing condensed poetry and lyric prose. She hosts a weekly writing group, and has been published in Illya's Honey, tinywords, Notes from the Gean, The Heron's Nest, Wild Minds, and The Stillpoint Forum. Parent of three, grandparent to one, she currently observes life (now with six chickens) from her home in Marlborough, New Hampshire, which she shares with her husband, Gary, and Amos the cat.

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable Mention, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine Senryu Contest (October 2011).

Selected Work
overflowing with children
of children
the start we give ourselves
rope swing
first day
the school bus step
taller than it looks
family gathering
talking of dogs
long dead
welcoming the flame
birchbark backbends
fire's willing partner
new snow
old haunts
come to light

Credits: "Thanksgiving" – The Heron's Nest XIV:3 (2012); "first day" - The Heron's Nest XIV:3 (2012); "welcoming the flame" - Illya's Honey 16:1 (2010), a publication of the Dallas Poets Community; "freedom" - Honorable Mention, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine Senryu Contest (October 2011); "family gathering" - tinywords 11.1/5 (April 2011); "new snow" - Notes from the Gean 4:1 (2012).

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