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Susan Diridoni

Susan Diridoni

August 30, 1950 - July 30, 2022

Susan Diridoni, long-time resident of Kensington, California, and a practicing psychotherapist, died on July 30, 2022 of abdominal cancer. Her introduction to haiku came as a teenager through the writings of R.H. Blyth. She was most well known for her affinity for avant-garde haiku, which she wrote about in an essay, “My Accidental Slip into Gendai Haiku” which appeared in Modern Haiku vol. 43.1 Winter Spring, 2012. Her poetic interest extended to free verse poetry as well. She studied with and was greatly influenced by the poet Diane di Prima, former poet laureate of San Francisco. She was a member of the Haiku Poets of Northern California and served as their newsletter editor in 2010-11. Her unique voice will be greatly missed.

coyote chorus—
elevator to the roof
of forgotten woods

just east of our troubles the rainbow’s face

[Roadrunner X:1 Spring 2010].

Selected Work
magnetizing his shy heart peony wave
the bamboo greening a goldfinch’s sheen
wisteria infusing twilight’s warm breath
walking the ocean’s breath block by block
the Yukon in her dry high air streaming
a gale at the bridge swallowing every voice
can’t hide our joy
or the blue sky
the unsaid between us
patches of night
fill the western sky―
my jig-saw memories
the meteor’s elbow
swings out in blue
catch of cedar


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Additional Reading:

Susan Diridoni, Simply Haiku June 24, 2010 ; Susan Diridoni - Three Questions

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