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Laryalee (Lary) Fraser

Laryalee (Lary) Fraser

1940 - 2013

Laryalee (Lary) Fraser was born Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Along with haiku and haiga, she enjoyed gardening, and playing with her grandchildren. In 2006 she compiled an online anthology of haiku, 'a procession of ripples': A tribute to Lary may be found at A Hundred Gourds 3:1 []

Selected Work
the wiggle
of a bee's behind--
cherry blossom
rusted eaves
the crow struts
just enough
for one full breath...
honeysuckle breeze
climate change--
his small hands cradle
grandma's snowglobe
almost sundown
the day lengthens
car by car
red mittens
her laughter ahead
of the snowball

Credits: "the wiggle" - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2007); "just enough" - Asahi Haikuist (September 2007); "almost sundown" - Simply Haiku 3:1 (2005), Haiku Pathway, Katikati, New Zealand; "rusted eaves" - White Lotus 9 (2009); "climate change" - Haiku News (December 22, 2009); "red mittens" - The Heron's Nest IX:2 (2007)

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