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Zlata Bogović

Zlata Bogović

Born: in Varaždin, Croatia
Resides: Varaždin, Croatia

An economist, she writes haiku, poetry, free-verse for children and stories for juveniles. She is a member of the Varaždin Literature Society (Varaždinsko književno društvo) and the World Haiku Association, Japan. She takes part in gatherings and recitals of haiku in Croatia and publishes in relevant annual join collections.

Awards and Other Honors:

Second Prize [Kajkavian Dialect], 5th Haiku Day - Dubravko Ivančan (Krapina, Croatia, 2003); Second Prize, International Kusamakura Haiku Competition (Kumamoto, Japan, 2002); Third Prize, Haiku Calendar/Rokovnik: International haiku contest in English (Ludbreg, 2004); Third Prize, Kloštar Ivanić - Croatian language (2004); An award, Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku contest! (Japan, 2008); World Haiku 2006-2011, Anthologies (World Haiku Association); work included on the Haiku Society of America's Haiku Wall at the Liberty Theatre Gallery in Bend, Oregon (June 3-5, 2011); named as one of The European Top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2011; The Ludbreg Column of Haiku Poets (2012); Third Prize for Haiku Sequence, Diogen Haiku Contest (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Winter 2012); Third Prize, Kajkavian dialect, 14th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivancan (Krapina, Croatia, 2012); Second Prize, Kajkavian dialect, 15th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivancan (Krapina, Croatia, 2013); Second Prize, 16th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivancan (Krapina, Croatia, 2014); First Prize, The Pumpkin Festival (Ivanić Grad, Croatia, 2014); Second Prize, Oj, Delnice grade pod Petehovcem (Delnice, Croatia, 2014); Honorable Mention, 18th Mainichi Haiku Contest, (Japan, 2014); Commendation, Pumpkin Festival Haiku Contest (Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, 2015); Honourable Mention, 69th Matsuo Basho Festival Haiku Awards (Iga, Japan, 2015); High Commendation [theme blood donation], Institute for Transfusion Medicine (Zagreb, Croatia, 2016); Third prize, A Little IRIS haiku contest (Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2016); Commendment, the 19th Apokalipsa Haiku Contest (Ljubljana, Slovenia 2016); Commendment, Dođi, o dođi na moje jezero, (Lokve, Croatia, 2016); Commendment, VIIth Polish International Haiku Competition (2017); Third Prize, Afrodita Contest for Erotic haiku (Ludbreg, Croatia, 2017).

Books Published:

Pjesma slavuja (Nightingale's song) -Tiva Tiskara, Varaždin (2010); Sjaj i snovi – moj Varaždin (The Shine and Dreams – my Varaždin) - Tiva Tiskara, Varaždin (2017).

Selected Work
Melted snow
seeing off winter
down the river
A white seagull
so white
in the dark night
Carried by the wind
cherry petals and
a lady-bird
Long into the night
a retired constructor
listens to the bridge
A girl carrying
needles of the pine
in her hair
Through a stormy night
from the top of skyscraper
waterfalls of rain

Credits: "Melted snow"- Second Prize, International Kusamakura Haiku Competition (Kumamoto, Japan, 2002); "Carried by the wind" - Haiku stvarnost / Haiku Reality -; "A girl carrying" - Third Prize, Kloštar Ivanić (Croatian language, 2004); "A white seagull" - Choice of haiku - Miscellany of Ludbreg Haiku Meeting (1999); "Long into the night" - An award, Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku contest! (Japan, 2008); "Through a stormy night" - Choice of haiku, One Thousand Cranes, The International Haiku Contest within The International Festival Origami Peace Tree Romania 2009 (PIM Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 2009).

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