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Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Born: May 13 1966 in Toronto, Canada
Resides: Eugene, Oregon, USA
E-mail: mrcr3w (at) yahoo (dot) com

Exposed to fallout from a Chinese Nuclear Test 1966. Took up haiku 1991. Founded ant ant ant ant ant in 1994. Handy with longer poems, sculpture, photography, and mixed media ventures. Current Co-Editor and Designer of MASKS. Behavioral Specialist for a nonprofit agency that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. Minister. Container of Secrets.

Awards and Other Honors: Domino Award, November 2009

Books Published: an apparent definition of wavering (Black Fox Studios 2004)

Selected Work
when you sleep
your thoughts are green
the strange call of dawn
rain dripping from a light bulb a car backfires
fork tines not the actual sensation 
the breakfast special missing a few letters not quite spring
Carried from the capsule
The Chinese Astronauts
Sit in blue fold-out chairs
hundreds of brand names for less I swerve to avoid a black sock

Credits: "when you sleep" - Roadrunner (February 2009); "fork tines not the actual sensation" - Ginyu #3; "Carried from the capsule" - Roadrunner (August 2009); "rain dripping" - Northwest Review 42:1; "the breakfast special" - Antioch Review (Fall 2005); "hundreds" - Modern Haiku 38:1 (2007)

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