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József Bíró

József Bíró

Born: May 19 1951 in Budapest, Hungary
Resides: Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: mailto:poetandperformer (at) freemail (dot) hu

Since 1975, he has published poems, drawing, and other writings and art works. In 1980, he began producing visual poetry and performance works around the world. Organizational memberships include: Hungarian Alliance of Writers, Art Foundation of Hungarian Republic, Trans–World–Artlines International Art Association. His work has appeared in many Hungarian magazines, including Eső [Rain], Napút [Sunway], Polúsz [Polis], Nyugat Ma [West Today], and others; and anthologies, including Orpheusz Úr [Mr. Orpheus], Ezer Magyar Haiku [Thousand Hungarian Haiku], World Haiku 6 (Japan, 2010), World Haiku 7 (Japan, 2011),and others.

Awards and Other Honors: Omoroka Prize (1990, Nové Zámky, Slovakia); Fourth Bienal Internacional de Poesia Visual, Diplom (1995, Mexico City, Mexico).

Books Published:     Published works: 12 volumes of poetry, 1 book of prose.       Haiku: Kado (2007) and Mukkeum Si (2009); a third volume of haiku is forthcoming in 2011.    Creative works:  9 individual exhibitions, more than 500 group exhibitions, 70 single performances around the world.

Selected Work
                    in  ...  the - scar -
         let  ...  lap of the twilit' - SUN  ...
 :   'a  frozen  ------------------  pair of doves
              a   float   ing   leaf   upon
the    mir  ror    of   the   stream  :   wary   till
                      mean   ing   less
     ...   brightly   ...   full - MOON   ...
-   smiling to the   ...   paddy - fields   -
          :   lamp'   ...   of - the – night
           fan   ---   sha   ped
half   palm   full   ---   DESTINY
          cut   by   ---   sea – shells
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