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Michelle Tennison

Michelle Tennison

Born: in Cumberland Maryland, USA
Resides: Blackwood, New Jersey, USA
E-mail: michelletennison1111 (at) gmail (dot) com

Michelle Tennison's poetry has appeared regularly in the major print and online haiku journals for over a decade, and her work has been featured in numerous anthologies of the best in English-language haiku. Michelle teaches haiku workshops online.

Books Published: murmuration (Red Moon Press, 2016).

Selected Work
the worlds
within this one –
sound of crickets
the inner leaves
also move
October wind
her eyes
say yes
a note that I am forgiven
falls out of my shoe
winter stars
raven shadow clinging tightly to my victim story
mother the slow rhythmic pulse of swan wings

Credits: "the worlds" – Frogpond 24:3 (2001); "her eyes" – The Heron’s Nest XIII:4 (2011); "raven shadow" – Modern Haiku 43.2 (2012); "the inner leaves" – Modern Haiku 39.1 (2008); "a note" – Modern Haiku 45.1 (2014); "mother" – Roadrunner 12.3 (2012).

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