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Mykel Board

Mykel Board

Born: January 31 1950 in Long Island, New York, USA
Resides: New York City, New York, USA
E-mail: furi_ike (at) mykelboard (dot) com

Mykel Board is a regularly-published journalist, especially well-known for his articles in Maximum RocknRoll. Born into a Jewish family, Mykel was a minority in his hometown in which the population was mostly Polish/Italian. He attended Hebrew School at the age of 8 and had a Bar Mitzvah at 13. When he turned 12, he began to visit New York weekly with his father, and around 14, he began to visit the city by himself, or with his friend David. It was in Union Square park that he met "Morris" an "old commie." Together, Morris and Mykel argued theology. During this time, he discovered Greenwich Village. Mykel and David began to visit a coffee house, Cafe Wha?, where they met girls--and Jimi Hendrix. With time, Mykel began recreational drug use. He also began to become, as he says, the "archetypical discontented Jew." He was in trouble at school and at home regularly, and he began to associate with the Yippie movement. He met Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Bob Fass, and Jerry Rubin. Mykel meshed well with the yippie idea of revolution through having a good time. After high school, Mykel attended Beloit College for three years. He attended the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention. Through Beloit's "world-experience" program, Mykel was able to work at England's famous anarchist newspaper Freedom. In the late 1970s, Board began writing the column called "You're Wrong" for the punk publication Maximum RocknRoll, which still runs. In the 1980s, he also began performing in various punk bands, most notably Artless, which released a number of recordings and played regularly at venues throughout the U.S., and Big Man, which appeared on the first queercore compilation, J.D.s Top Ten Tape, released by J.D.s fanzine.

Awards and Other Honors: life, The Chrysler Building, Gobi Desert, Ruins in Albania, Girls of Brazil

Books Published: Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing (Garrett Country Press, 2005) [ISBN 1-891053-00-0; Mykel's memoir about living and working in Mongolia]; I A, Me-ist (Hope and Nonthings Press, 2005) [ISBN 0-9707458-9-3]; Threat By Example [ed. by Martin Sprouse] (Pressure Drop Press, 1989) [includes essay by Board]; Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, and Visions [ed. by Naomi Tucker] (Hayworth Press, 1965) [Board's essay "Pimple No More"]; Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages [ed. Jennifer Blowdryer] (Manic D Press, 2005) [Board's essay "The Joy of Debt"] Haiku for Lovers [ed. Manu Bazzano] (MQ Publication London, 2003) [one haiku]; The Haiku Anthology [ed. Cor van den Heuval] (Norton 1999) [three haiku].

Selected Work
her bundle of joy —
I count backward
evening shift
same wheelchair
different beggar

Credits: "her bundle of joy" - Simply Haiku 5:4 (2007); "evening shift" - Modern Haiku 41: 2 (2010).

Sources Biography: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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