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Ce Rosenow

Ce Rosenow

Born: in Tacoma Washington, USA
Resides: Eugene, Oregon, USA
E-mail: rosenowce (at) gmail (dot) com

Ce Rosenow received a BA in English from Santa Clara University, an MA in English from Portland State University, and a PhD in English from the University of Oregon. Her work has appeared in anthologies, books, and journals in the U.S. and abroad. She has helped organize many haiku-related events, including Haiku North America, and she was an outside member of the American Haiku Archives Formation Committee. She served for two years as the Oregon Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America and is a former HSA President. She is also the publisher of Mountains and Rivers Press.

Books Published: The Backs of Angels (Tel-let Press, Charleston, IL, 1998); Beyond/Within: A Collection of Rengay [with Cherie Hunter Day et al] (Sundog Press, Portland, OR, 1998); Even If (Tel-let Press, Charleston, IL, 2006); The Next One Thousand Years: The Selected Poems of Cid Corman [co-edited with Bob Arnold] (Longhouse Publishers, Guilford, VT, 2008); North Lake (Mountain Gate Press, Hillsboro, OR, 2004); Pacific (Mountain Gate Press, Hillsboro, OR, 2009); A Year Longer (Longhouse Publishers, Guilford, VT, 2007); Spectral Forms (Traprock Books, Eugene, OR, 2013).

Selected Work
silver thaw
the things I
won’t forgive
rustling leaves . . . 
the flock of sparrows
reverses itself
spring evening—
the puppy wags his tail
in his sleep
grandfather’s hand plow
its worn handles filled
with winter snow
wind in the pampas grass
	 the rowboat strains
    against its mooring
as our visit ends
-- winter twilight

Credits: "silver thaw" - Small Canyons 5 Anthology (2010); "spring evening" - Hummingbird 14:2 (2009); "wind in the pampas grass" - Modern Haiku 27:2 (1996); "rustling leaves" - Hummingbird 5:1 (1994); "grandfather’s hand plow" - Hermitage 1:1-2 (2004); "loneliness" - Hermitage 1:1-2 (2004).

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