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Glenn G. Coats

Glenn G. Coats

Born: December 27 1950 in Rahway New Jersey, USA
Resides: Prospect, Virginia, USA
E-mail: glenn (dot) coats5 (at) gmail (dot) com

During Glenn G. Coats' 34-year teaching career, he taught first- through fifth-grade students as well as Reading Recovery (an intervention for first graders who have difficulty learning to read and write). Glenn now teaches English as a Second Language at Longwood University, and serves as the Tutor Trainer for Tri-County Life Learners in Farmville, Virginia, where he teaches adults how to tutor others in reading and writing. He writes articles about literacy and stories for beginning readers for several web sites located in Virginia. He writes haiku because it is his way of responding. He reacts to print, conversations, back roads, insomnia, the natural world, with haiku. It is his way of answering back. Glenn and his wife Joani have three children and four grandsons, and reside in Prospect, Virginia, as well as Newboro, Ontario, Canada. In December 2011, he was appointed Haibun Editor for Haibun Today.

Awards and Other Honors: Highlights for Children Author of the Month, March 1993 ("The Sky Above the Barn"); Highlights for Children Author of the Month, July 1999 ("Highway Song"). In 1992, "Leon’s Confession" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by the editors of Magic Realism. "Threading Eyelets in the Dark" and "The Sound of Broken Promise" were nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Pine Grove Press in 1997 and 1999; Second Place Winner, Shadow Poetry’s 11th Biannual Chapbook Competition (Naming the Boulders); Part of A New Resonance 6: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2009); Editor’s Choice Haiku, moonset (Autumn/Winter 2008); First Prize, The Winter Moon Awards for Haiku (2009); First Place, Lyman Haiku Award (May 2010, for "spring rivulets"); haiku engraved on a boulder, The Haiku Pathway, Katikati, New Zealand (June 2010).

Books Published: The Big Zany (East Coast Editions, East Meadow, NY 1994); Bullies (Big Easy Press, Harvey, LA 1995); Remnants of a Roof (Alpha Beat Press, New Hope, PA 1996); Waiting for a Frog (Kaeden Books, Rocky River, Ohio 1997); Hungry Bay (Alpha Beat Press, New Hope, PA 1998); Water Damaged (Pine Grove Press, Jamesville, NY 2000); Trying to Move Mountains (Reading Recovery Council of North America, Worthington, Ohio 2004); Naming the Boulders (Shadow Ink Publications, Excelsior Springs, MO 2009).

Selected Work
distant moon
one shirt holds the scent
of another home
flood victims
I feel for the keys
in my pocket
a heron's squawk
the islands too small
for names
winter surgery
I leave the rescued dog
with a stranger
sunlit river
oil from a bicycle chain
spots her leg
long silences
waves break
their own shadows

Credits: "distant moon" - paper wasp 16:1 (2010); "a heron's squawk" - Acorn 25 (2010); "sunlit river" - bottle rockets 23 (2010); "flood victims" - magnapoets (July 2010); "winter surgery" - Wisteria 14 (2009); "long silences" - moonset 5:2 (2009).

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