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Stanley Pelter

Stanley Pelter

Born: January 23 1936 in London, England
Resides: Newark, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
E-mail: spelter23 (at) aol (dot) com

Evacuated three times between the ages of 3 and 7. (Helped me experience other parts of England minus parental controls.) Won scholarship which opened many doors. Studied at the Royal College of Art with DH and Ron K. Worked in Art Colleges and Further Education. Married twice; 4 children; 11 grandchildren; 6 great grandchildren. Despite being persuaded into being named the Competition Organiser for a Writer's Conference I have been part of for over 30 years, I believe competitions, awards, prizes etc. are in a contrary position to the core ethic of haiku and, by extension, haibun. Unsuccessful with a replacement inside British Haiku Society. Main arguments against were that “people like winning things” and “the HSA et al are doing it.”

Books Published: Coming On Lately (Maristan Press, 1989; ISBN 0951503006); 17 is Sufficient (Maristan Press, 1994; ISBN 0951503014); Pensées of (Hub Editions, 2001; ISBN 1903746256 [Longholm, East Bank, Wingland, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 9YS]); I’ll unsee U in my dreams (Hub Editions, 2001; ISBN 1903746078); i meet U in the inbetweenitee: Word Plays (Hub Editions, 2003; ISBN 1903746183); a moment is forever (Hub Editions, 2003; ISBN 1903746485); past imperfect (George Mann Publications, 2004; ISBN 0954629922 [Easton, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1ES. UK]); &YNot (George Mann Publications, 2006; ISBN 0954629973); insideoutside (George Mann Publications, 2008; ISBN 9780955241574); slightly scented short lived words and roses (George Mann Publications, 2009; ISBN 9780956087430); Vermeer and a Stony Beach (George Mann Publications, 2010; ISBN 9780956087492); An Abundance of Gifts (George Mann Publications, 2011; ISBN 9781907640056).

Selected Work
wild garlic 
it bends into the sound
of unseen winds
long corridor
her four part shadow
moves toward him
hospital ward
at last moonlight
fades into dawn
marble shelf
poppy seeds
even at night
in the darkest of dark
white lupins
gray drum rattle
in a mired landscape
a flash of yellow

Credits: "wild garlic" - The Haiku Calendar 2001 (Snapshot Press); "hospital ward" - Blithe Spirit 17:2 (2007); dust of summers: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2007 (Red Moon Press, 2008); "even at night" - Blithe Spirit 12:1 (2002); "long corridor" - Frogpond XX1X:1 (2006); "marble shelf" - Blithe Spirit 18:1 (2008); "gray drum rattle" - An Abundance of Gifts (George Mann Publications, 2011).

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