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Michael Ketchek

Michael Ketchek

Born: 1954 in Detroit Michigan, USA
Resides: Rochester, New York, USA
E-mail: mketchek (at) frontier (dot) com

Has been writing haiku for over 25 years.

Books Published: Road Work (Black Bough, Flemington New Jersey, 1995); I Write Friend (Tiny Poems Press, Enfield Connecticut, 1997); Over Our Heads (Swamp Press, Northfield Mass, 2010).

Selected Work
dog days of summer
twenty-three games
out of first
sixty-four colors
she crayons the house
the dog, the sky red
Anne Frank’s diary
would you hide an Arab
in your attic?
my hand is too large
a child reaches through the fence
and plucks the raspberry
rolling a cigarette
the canoe drifts
just where I want to go
first time swimming
with my son in water
over our heads

Credits: "dog days of summer" - Modern Haiku 34:1 (2003); "Anne Frank’s diary" - Bottle Rockets 14 (2006); "rolling a cigarette" - Frogpond XXV:1 (2002); "sixty-four colors" - Bottle Rockets 23 (2010); "my hand is too large" - Modern Haiku XVII:2 (1986); "first time swimming" - Frogpond XX11:3 (1999).

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