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Pietro Tartamella

Pietro Tartamella

April 18, 1948 - February 25, 2022

Pietro Tartamella was born in the province of Palermo and lived in Turin since 1970, where he attended the course of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Liberal Arts College of Turin. He created the Fuci, the GianuHaik, the Ortohaik, Shashaijin, Wasnahaijin Oicimani, the Corbello, the Misurale, and the Nomognomic Poetry. He promoted many initiatives in order to diffuse haiku in Italy. He teached it in schools to children and teenagers. He founded Cascina Macondo - National Centre for The Promotion of Creative Reading Aloud and Haiku Poetics.

Pietro Tartamella passed away at dawn on February 25, 2022.

Books Published:

Ciao Maestro Raccolta Tawani / Hi Teacher [170 haiku and 1 Tanka, in Italian and English, preface by Fabia Binci, translation by Alessandra Gallo, edited by Deart]; Oltre lAutunno - Manuale di Poetica Haiku / Beyond the Autumn - guide to poetics haiku and anthology [preface by Fabrizio Virgili, translation by Lucy Sobrero and Ajdi Tartamella, edited by Deart]; Quisquiglie di perla / Pearly Trifles [136 aphorisms, thoughts and reflections, 17 Haikus and one Corbello, preface by Nico Orengo and Fabia Bincia, translation by Richard Metcalf and Ajdi Tartamella, edited by Angolo Manzoni]; A piedi scalzi Raccolta Nakanisoto [96 haiku translated in English by Antonella Filippi, in French by Florian Lasne, in German by Annette Seimer, in Latin by Arianna Sacerdoti, preface by Antonella Filippi, edited by Albalibri, 2016].

Selected Work
A butterfly
on the cribs edge
two blue flakes
they have fallen
the leaves of autumn
come into the house
cows on the mountain pasture
the lakes of sound
of cowbells
winters night
as good remedy
we watch the fire
school closing
on every window
butterflies and moons
end of show
the chairs under the arms
coming home
it’s cold, now
and still I walk
with summer shoes
a swallow in the sky
the sound of glasses
they bury my friend 
Near the cypresses the shade 
of a fountain
I let myself go 
sick of thunderbolts and clouds 
I let myself go


"A butterfly" - Quisquiglie di perla (2010); "cows on the mountain pasture" – Quisquiglie di perla (2010); "school closing" - Ciao Maestro (2007); "they have fallen" - Quisquiglie di perla (2010); "winters night" – Quisquiglie di perla (2010); "end of show" - Ciao Maestro (2007); "it’s cold, now", "a swallow in the sky" - Otata 5, May 2016; "they bury my friend"; "I let myself go" - Cascina Macondo, Feb. 2017 in: "Manifesto of haiku poetry in the Italian language" by Pietro Tartamella .

Additional Reading:

“Per tutta la vita hai sognato e lottato per lasciare una traccia di te nel cuore della gente, e ti accorgi alla fine di quanta gente ha lascito una traccia di sé nel tuo cuore.”

“All your life you have been dreaming and fighting to leave a trace of yourself in people’s hearts, and in the end you realize how many people left a trace of themselves in your heart.”

Pietro Tartamella

dal suo/from his
“Quisquiglie di pèrla” (2008)

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