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P M F Johnson

P M F Johnson

Resides: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
E-mail: PMFJohnson_at_PMFJohnson (dot) com

P M F Johnson has placed scores of haiku with such magazines as Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Mayfly, Acorn, and Wisteria. He and his wife live in St. Paul.

Awards and Other Honors: "prairie wind", "a fish in the tree", and "the war" were selected for Haiku 21: the Best 21st Century Haiku, forthcoming from Modern Haiku Press; "what was there" received 2nd Honorable Mention in the Grandmother Earth Contest (2009); "the war" was selected for big sky: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2006 (Red Moon Press, 2007); "August heat" was selected for inside the mirror: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2005 (Red Moon Press, 2006).

Selected Work
summer's                    together
            back steps
after she leaves
tea stains
on the sympathy card
city of old stones
men in the rain
roasting chestnuts
outside the bus
inside the rain
this familiar church
some ancient jasper whispers
in a foreign tongue
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Tuesday she died Tuesday
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Credits: "summer's together" - Modern Haiku 36:3 (2005); "city of old stones" - Modern Haiku 35:1 (2004); "this familiar church" - Mayfly 41 (2006); "after she leaves" - Acorn 20 (2008); "outside the bus" - Modern Haiku 36:1 (2005); "Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday" - Frogpond 33:1 (2010).

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