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Mark Rutter

Mark Rutter

Born: December 20 1961 in Singapore
Resides: Dunbridge, Hampshire, England

I grew up in the north of England but first discovered haiku while living in Maine during the 1990s. I’d been writing poetry for over a decade, but what drew me to haiku was that it offered a way to write about the moment, along with its ability to dilate time. I live in Dunbridge, Hampshire, England – with summers in Morgan Bay, Maine, where we lived between 1990 and 2002.

Books Published:    Poetry Collections: The Farmhouse Voices (Puckerbrush Press, Maine, 1991); water fir rook hand (Walter Tisdale, Tatlin Books/Landlocked Press, Maine, 2000).   Artist’s Books and Broadsides: [all with Walter Tisdale, Tatlin Books/Landlocked Press, Maine] Poem for James Joyce (1998); Arcana (1999); After Blake (1999); the woods at the end (2008); one raindrop (2009); Reading the Difficult Poet (Nancy Leavitt, Tomato Press, Maine, 2005).    Musical Recordings: Escape From Adultcatraz, by The Machineheads (1993); Feral Toys, by The Electric Pentacle (2009).

Selected Work
in each fiddlehead the ammonite’s curve
after the storm
the bumblebee
combs down its hairs
I stand still...
one by one the finches
return to the song
moon viewing
        I walk home drunk
                along the rooftops
ice-clear air
all the way out
to the craters of the moon
blue light on snow
the paperwasp
frozen to its nest

Credits: "in each fiddlehead" - Presence 42; "I stand still" - Blithe Spirit 17.1; dust of summers: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2007 (Red Moon Press, 2008); "after the storm" - Presence 31; "moon viewing" - Blithe Spirit 20.3; "ice-clear air" - Presence 37 [as part of the haibun ‘Maine Journal xiii’]; "blue light on snow" - Presence 35; white lies: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2008 (Red Moon Press, 2009).

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