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Radhey Shiam

Radhey Shiam

Born: January 14 1922 in Bareilly Cantonment, U.P., India
Resides: Roorkee, India
E-mail: haiku_rurki (at) yahoo (dot) com

Under the guidance of Dr. Satya Bhushan Verma, I started writing haiku in Hindi and Urdu besides Tanka and Sadoka. Hindi haiku are more than 30,000. My friend in the United States prompted me to write in English also, which are published in magazines in the United States.

Awards and Other Honors: Honorable Mention, The Saigyo Award for Tanka (2009); Certificate of Merit for being an outstanding Tanka Poet: The Japan Tanka Poets Society, Tokyo Japan (2009)

Books Published: Song of Life [in English], (IBhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, 2003)

Selected Work
a piece of sky
in the pond
within my reach
solar eclipse
people watch
without tickets
lotus bud
her lovely lips
come to view
a rat gnaws book pages
deep silence
the same train
the same lotus pond
charm me every day
new year
shower of pearls
on the meadow

Credits: "a piece of sky" – Seasons Greeting Letter; "lotus bud" - White Lotus 8 (2009); "the same train" - Among the Lilies (2008); "solar eclipse" – moonset (2008); "midnight" – World Haiku Club Showcase (2006); "new year" - (January 16-30,2009 and June 2009).

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