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Lucas Stensland

Lucas Stensland

Born: June 18 1976 in St. Cloud Minnesota, USA
Resides: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
E-mail: haikucowboy (at) gmail (dot) com

Lucas Stensland co-authored my favorite thing (bottle rockets press, 2011), a collection of haiku and related forms. He lives in Minneapolis with his cat, Townes Van Zandt. His poems have appeared in the following publications: American Tanka, Atlas Poetica, bottle rockets, contemporary haibun online, Four and Twenty, Frogpond, Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, Haibun Today, The Heron’s Nest, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine, Mainichi Daily News, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, Notes from the Gean, paper wasp, Presence Haiku Journal, Prune Juice, red lights, Ribbons, Roadrunner Haiku Journal, Seven By Twenty, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Shot Glass Journal, and Simply Haiku.

Selected Work
abandoned schoolhouse
the overgrown grass
points away
shade garden
a Dickinson poem	
etched on a log
tree drifting
downstream to the mill
I open her letter
her eyes
when I take her side  . . . 
flies in the kitchen
he brings up
past boyfriends
strip club parking lot
puddles not reflecting
the true me

Credits: "abandoned schoolhouse" - Lyrical Passion; "tree drifting" - Mayfly 50 (2011); "flies in the kitchen" - Modern Haiku 42.1 (2011); "shade garden" - Simply Haiku (spring 2011) ; "her eyes" - Simply Haiku (spring 2011); "strip club parking lot" - bottle rockets 24 (2011).

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