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Charles Rossiter

Charles Rossiter

Born: December 11 1942 in Baltimore Maryland, USA
Resides: Oak Park, Illinois, USA
E-mail: Charlie (dot) rossiter (at) poetrypoetry (dot) com

Began writing haiku in 1970’s with urging from good friend Jeffrey Winke. Spent the first year sitting by Lake Michigan attempting to hone perception and writing skills. Wrote essays, poems and reviews published in Modern Haiku, Dragonfly, Wind Chimes, High Coo, Wind Chimes and others. Brief stint as associate editor of Modern Haiku under Bob Spiess. I continue to write haiku, although longer poems command most of my attention. Newer work can be found at, Modern Haiku, Bottle Rockets, and the now defunct Raw Nervz.

Awards and Other Honors: NEA Fellowship for Poetry; 3 Pushcart Prize Nominations; Profiled in Contemporary Authors.

Books Published: Haiku: Thirds, co-authored with Jeffrey Winke & Bill Schmidtkunz (Madison, WI: Distant Thunder Press, 1985); Third Coast Haiku Anthology, co-edited with Jeffrey Winke (Milwaukee: House of Words, 1978).   Non-haiku books and chapbooks: The Man With Two Days Stubble (Madison, WI: Distant Thunder Press, 1987); How I Got Here (Marblehead, MA: Boog Literature, 1992); No, I Didn't Steal This Baby, I'm the Daddy (Albany, NY: A.P.D., 1995); On Reading the Thousand Year Old Sorrows in a Book of Chinese Poems (Albany: Esker, 1997); Evening Stones (New Haven, CT: Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 1999); What Men Talk About (Johnstown, OH:, Pudding House, 2000) [1st Red Wheel Barrow Award]; Cold Mountain 2000: Han Shan in the City (Ellsworth, ME, Backwoods Broadsides [Chaplet Series #63], 2001); Giving Sorrow Words [co-edited with Karen vanMeenen] (Washington, DC: National Association for Poetry Therapy Federation, 2002); Charles Rossiter’s Greatest Hits: 1975-2001 (Johnstown, OH: Pudding House, 2002); Around the House (Columbus OH: Pudding House Publications, 2005); Back Beat expanded 2nd edition [poetry/memoir, with Al DeGenova; Original edition: Ellison Bay, WI: Cross+Roads Press, 2001] (Chicago: Fractal Edge Press, 2006); The Night We Danced With the Raelettes (Kanona, NY: Foothills Publications, 2007) [poems from this collection formed the basis of a one-act solo poetry theatre performance at Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago, June, 13-29, 2003]; All Over America: Road Poems (Kanona, NY: Foothills Publications, 2009); Meditations on Frank Lloyd Wright (Kanona, NY: Foothills Publications, 2010).

Selected Work
silent moon-filled night,
a thousand sand grains move
to make this footprint
saturday morning--
the yelp of a dead bluesman
from my son’s bedroom
the burial mound’s
long shadow
city night—
stroking the fur
of a stray cat
silent porch swing
where my mother courted
“it goes with the house”
plucked so gently
     yet three petals fall,
autumn rose

Credits: "silent moon-filled night" – Dragonfly; "sunrise" – Tundra; "silent porch swing" - Modern Haiku, best senryu of issue award; "saturday morning" - Modern Haiku; "city night" - Wind Chimes; "plucked so gently" - Modern Haiku.

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