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Julie Constable

Julie Constable

Born: , United Kingdom
Resides: Corner Inlet, Australia

Julie lives at Corner Inlet, Australia writing and working as a teacher, librarian and mobile library driver. Her fiction, haibun and poetry have appeared in Verandah, Hecate, Hobo, Inkshed, Silverfish, Muse, Poetrix, Gargouille, Antithesis, Wanderlust and in the anthology 200 Years of Australian Writing edited by James Moore.
‘The Gunyah Tree’ appeared in the book In their Branches Stories from ABC RN’s Trees Project edited by Gretchen Miller. ‘Reams and Reams of Paper: Strzelecki Forest Campaigns’ was published in Earth & Industry: Stories from Gippsland, edited by Erik Eklund and Julie Fenley (Monash University Publishing, 2015) and now online .

Selected Work
43 degrees
birdbath nimbed by bees
buckled teak house ― greyed by time
a woman plants rice ― bent with age
over old wooden bridge
loose teeth and small change
cows here wear earrings
No. 9 takes windfall apples
with blue-black tongue
silence ― then the bat
coming this close to my face
sounds like cutting silk
they call them shit birds
ibis ― angels in flight
farmers’ poetry


“43 degrees” - Creatrix 47 December 2019; “buckled teak house” - All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku edited by Robert Epstein, Middle Island Press, 2019; “clickety-clack” - Rusted Hinge The paper wasp Jack Stamm haiku anthology, 2005; “cows here wear earrings” - Hobo Issue 14,1997; “silence ― then the bat” - Poetrix 1, 1993; “they call them shit birds” - Moments 1, 1996.

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