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K. Ramesh

K. Ramesh

Born: March 02 1966 in Tiruchirapalli, India
Resides: Adyar, Chennai, India
E-mail: aniram86 (at) rediffmail (dot) com

K Ramesh writes haiku, tanka, and free verse. His poems have appeared in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Acorn, American Tanka, Mainichi Daily Haiku, Wisteria, The Heron's Nest, Snapshots, Haiku Presence, Paper Wasp, and other journals that cater to the free verse and Japanese forms of poetry.

Awards and Other Honors: Some of his works have been included in the following anthologies: Voices For The Future (A collection of poems brought out by Poetry Society India and British Council Division); Wild Flowers, New Leaves: World Haiku Anthology; Pegging The Wind: Red Moon Press Anthology of English-Language Haiku; One Hundred Droplets (Magnapoets Anthology series 1); While The Light Holds (Magnapoets Anthology series 2); Montage #24: Haiku Around The World (The Haiku Foundation, 2009); and the flower anthology soon to be published by bottle rockets press.

Books Published: Soap Bubbles (Red Moon Press, 2007)

Selected Work
paddy field by the river
the voice of a farmer
speaking to the bulls
evening breeze
hundreds of lamp flames
sway in the temple
red butterfly
a little girl switches off
the class room fans
moonlit hills...
I bow to step out
of the hut
blue sea
the paper kite rises
again from the sand
scent of jasmine
the night watchman 
starts to whistle

Credits: "paddy field by the river" - Presence 37 (2009); "red butterfly" - Magnapoets (Jan. 2009); "blue sea" - Wisteria (April 2007); "evening breeze" - The Heron's Nest VIII:3 (2006); "moonlit hills" - Presence 36 ( 2008); "scent of jasmine" - Modern Haiku 40:3 (2009)

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