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Scott Metz

Scott Metz

Born: November 28 1976 in Allentown Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: South Beach, Oregon, USA
E-mail: ztemttocs (at) gmail (dot) com

Current editor of Roadrunner.  Co-edited, with Lee Gurga: Haiku 21: an anthology of contemporary English-language haiku (Modern Haiku Press, 2011).

Awards and Other Honors: Modern Haiku Award (for issue 40:2 of Modern Haiku); Museum of Haiku Literature Award (for issue 33:3 of Frogpond).

Books Published: The Youngest Ones (tribe press, 2005); A Sealed Jar of Mustard Seeds (ant ant ant ant ant #9, 2009); lakes & now wolves (Modern Haiku Press, 2012).

Selected Work
in spring rain
a worker changing
the town's name
the city’s moan
       first snow
among the waves
     in the Sea of Japan
a woman's perfume
the word god being eaten by a field of robins
the silence grows
teeth—a tree
with cracked windows
most of
what is
a wild

Credits: “in spring rain” - NO/ON: journal of the short poem 3 (2006); “among the waves” - Frogpond 27:1 (2003); “the silence grows” - Roadrunner 9.4 (2009); “the city’s moan” - Modern Haiku 40.2 (2009); “the word” - ant ant ant ant ant #9 (2009); “most of ” - Frogpond 33:3 (2010).

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