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Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Born: July 17 1967 in Melbourne, Australia
Resides: Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail: haikubobs (at) yahoo (dot) com

Although born in Australia, Rob has spent most of his adult life travelling and living overseas. He stumbled across haiku while living in Japan and many years later completed his Masters thesis entitled "The History of Australian Haiku and the Emergence of a Local Accent" which can be seen in The Haiku Foundation's Online Book Collection in the Digital Library. A big sports fan, Rob, under the guise of 'Haiku Bob', has written a match report in haiku for every game his beloved Australian football team, the Collingwood Magpies, has played since 2007. Many of these can be viewed at The Footy Almanac [].

Awards and Other Honors: Rob's haiku have been included in the anthologies Haiku 2015 and Haiku 21 (Modern Haiku Press, 2015 & 2011), and the following Red Moon Anthologies published by Red Moon Press: the loose thread (2001), pegging the wind (2002), edge of light (2003), tug of the current (2004), big sky (2006), and where the wind turns (2009). In addition: Winner and Runner-up, Haiku Presence Award (2003-2004); Winner and Runner-up, Haiku Calendar Competition (Snapshot Press, 2002 and 2001); two-time winner of the People's Choice Award for Moving Galleries poetry (2007-2008); Highly Commended Poem, Reason-Brisbane Poetry Competition (Words in Winter Festival, 2009); Commended Poem, Melbourne Poet's Union International Poetry Competition (2008); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Best Haiku for 2007; voted best in issue, Presence 23 (2004); Honorable Mention, 6th Annual Mainichi Haiku Contest, International Section (2002); Commended Poems in the Jack Stamm Award (2002); Honorable Mention, 3rd Annual Suruga-Baika literary festival, Daichuji temple, Japan (2001).  Rob presented a paper at the Second International Haiku Conference in Krakow, entitled, "Australian Haiku - Is it a Thing?" in May 2015.

Books Published: cool relief (Bakhuizen ‘t Hoge Woord, Netherlands, 2001) [ISBN: 9075951302]; only sounds-het enige geluid (Marginale Uitgeverij 't Hoge Woord, Netherlands, 2001) [ISBN: 9075951353].

Selected Work
February 29
we get another day
out of the soup
new leaves
the old forest
finds its voice
cherry blossoms
I tell my lover
a pink lie
Monday morning
a sigh exits
the lift
spring evening
I walk the moon
to the pub
something in that moon I'm going to regret

Credits: "February 29" - Frogpond 35.2 (2012); "cherry blossoms" - roadrunner haiku journal VIII:2 (May 2008); "spring evening" - Acorn 17 (Fall 2006); big sky: The Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku 2006 (Red Moon Press, 2007); "new leaves" - A Hundred Gourds 3:3 (June 2014); Haiku 2015 (Modern Haiku Press, 2015); "Monday morning" - paper wasp 15:2 (Autumn 2009); where the wind turns: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2009 (Red Moon Press, 2010); "something" - roadrunner haiku journal IX:1 (February 2009); Haiku 21, an anthology of contemporary English-language haiku (Modern Haiku Press, 2011).

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