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Tad Wojnicki

Tad Wojnicki

Born: 1944, Poland
Resides: Taiwan
E-mail: Wojnicki (at) yahoo (dot) com

I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing. I am the author of a factual novel and a poetry chapbook. I live in Taiwan where I teach Write Like A Lover! workshops and pursue a modeling career.

Books Published: Lie Under the Fig Trees (Tucson: Edward R. Smallwood Publishers, 1996); Wildfires Tongue Her Hills (New York: Foothills Publishers, 2010); Write Like A Lover! Tricks and Techniques to Evoke Emotion (forthcoming)

Selected Work
another morning
grasses gone
a crack drier
pebbles rattle
crushed under driftwood
beach wedding
haiku writer
and cardboard collector
making a pile
holiday giving
waves wipe vows
written in sand
snuffing out
the sun, a hollow
celery dinner
sweet notes
drawn from every string

Credits: "another morning" – bottle rockets #19 (2008); "haiku writer" – World Haiku Review 7:2 (2009); "snuffing out" – Simply Haiku 3:2 (2005); "pebbles rattle" – [from haibun, "Boutique Row"] Haibun Today (August 2009); "holiday giving" – [from haibun, "Angels by the Sea"] Haibun Today (April 2008); "celery dinner" – Simply Haiku 3:2 (2005)

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