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Dorota Pyra

Dorota Pyra

Born: 1962
Resides: Gdańsk, Poland
E-mail: dorota (dot) dal (at) wp (dot) pl

A preschool teacher.  Besides haiku, she enjoys writing other kind of poetry and also children's short stories and songs.  Dorota's fascination with photography and visual art allows her to draw joy from joining word to image in the form of photo-haiga.  Her works have appeared in Asahi, Daily Haiga, Mainichi Haiku News, mala antologia haiku po polsku, OnlineHaiga, Shamrock, Sketchbook, and several of her haiku anthologized in German colections edited by Ingo Cesaro.

Awards and Other Honors: Second place - Shiki Kukai Haikuworld (April 2007); Honorable Mention - The Ninth Haiku International Association Haiku Contest (2007); First place - abc.haiku Contest (November 2008); Second place - abc.haiku Contest (December 2008); First place - The 62nd WHA Haiga Contest (December 2008); Honorable Mention - The 12th Mainichi Haiku Contest (2008); Grand Prize - The 2009 Shiki Special Kukai in memory of William J. Higginson (January 2009); Second place - Shiki Kukai Haikuworld (May 2009); Honorable Mention - 2009 Genkissu! Spirits up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest (2009); Honorable Mention - The 13th Mainichi Haiku Contest (2009); First place - Haiku Contest "Cztery pory roku w Parku Narodowym Bory Tucholskie" (December 2009); Sakura Award and Honorable Mention - The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2010).

Books Published: Lodowy księżyc | Ice Moon (Bernardinum Press, Pelplin, 2009) - her first book of haiku and other poems.

Selected Work
the taste of the dewdrop
before I bite
fork of the road
the rusty signpost
points to the sky
what I know
and what I don't
wild lily
last day of summer
the street vendor discounts
the stones of fortune
the water falls
into its sound
winter's garden
the fence shadow sunders
white from white

Credits: "the taste of the dewdrop" - Second place, The Shiki Monthly Kukai (May 2009); "what I know" - Winner's Report of the 2009 Shiki Special Kukai za lotem zurawia | following the crane's flight, Shiki Haikusphere; DailyHaiga (13.01.2010); "whiteness" - Grand Prize in the 2009 Shiki Special Kukai in memory of William J. Higginson (January 2009); "fork of the road" - Sketchbook 3:11 (November 30, 2008); "last day of summer" - Honorable Mention, The 12th Mainichi Haiku Contest (2009); "winter's garden" - Honorable Mention, The Mainichi Haiku Contest (2008) [other version - Shamrock 9 (2009)].

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