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Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Born: November 20 1970 in Buffalo New York, USA
Resides: Chiayi, Taiwan
E-mail: thf (dot) paul (at) gmail (dot) com

Currently Assistant Editor at Roadrunner, Haiku Foundation Feature Editor (with Jack Galmitz) on “Per Diem” and with the translation staff at the World Haiku Association.

Awards and Other Honors: The Heron's Nest Award 6:7 (2004); Prize Winner, 7th Haiku International Association Award (Japan, 2005); Second Prize, The Kusamakura International Haiku Competition (Japan, 2005); Judge's Award, 18th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest (Japan, 2007); Second Place [International Section], 10th Mainichi Haiku Contest (Japan, 2007); Scorpion Award, Roadrunner VIII:2 (2008).

Selected Work
Neon light
like a carpet
on Ghost Month waters
Outside the binary lecture    green language
Dropping everything
to run with the dogs
to be human again
A darkness so deep
I am surrounded
by gold beetles
At the door
of the government center
I tuck in my thoughts
My words
in her ears
like ice fishing

Credits: "Neon light"- Roadrunner VII: 2 (2007); "Dropping everything"- Ginyu 38 (2008); "At the door" - World Haiku 2009, Shichigatsudo, Tokyo (2009); "Outside"- Frogpond 33:3 (2010); "A darkness so deep" - Roadrunner VIII: 1 (2008); "My words" - Haiku Harvest 6:1 (2006).

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