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Collin Barber

Collin Barber

Born: November 13 1974 in Memphis Tennessee, USA
Resides: Marion, Arkansas, USA
E-mail: collinbarber (at) gmail (dot) com

Collin is an artist who discovered a love for haiku in 2004. He is married with 3 children and works at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Awards and Other Honors: Featured in A New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2007); Gerald Brady Senryu Awards (2007); Modern Haiku Haiku Award (2008); Modern Haiku Senryu Award (2008); Winner, The Shiki Monthly Kukai (May 2008); Winner, The Shiki Monthly Kukai (August 2009).

Books Published: The Devil is a Child (Yet To Be Named Free Press, 2014).

Selected Work
rural sky—
what other worlds
have a Beethoven?
the ant returns
after being flicked . . .
autumn loneliness
false spring
the homeless man’s
gold teeth
morning chill—
I move to her side
of the argument
Death Valley:
a man who’s never been there
tells me all about it
holding a bite
through the prayer

Credits: "rural sky" - Frogpond 35.3 (Autumn 2012);"false spring" - The Devil is a Child (Yet To Be Named Free Press, 2014); "Death Valley" - The Heron’s Nest 12.1 (March 2010); "the ant returns" - The Heron’s Nest 9.2 (June 2007); "morning chill" - Modern Haiku 38.3 (Autumn 2007); "Thanksgiving" - The Heron’s Nest 11.1 (March 2009).

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