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Tom Clausen

Tom Clausen

Born: August 01 1951 in Ithaca New York, USA
Resides: Ithaca, New York, USA
E-mail: tpc2 (at) cornell (dot) edu; tclausen888 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tom Clausen is a lifelong Ithacan and a member of the Rt. 9 Haiku Group. He developed an interest in haiku and other brief poetic forms after realizing he needed more discipline in his writing attempts. He is married to Berta Gutierrez and they have two children, Casey and Emma.

Awards and Other Honors: Includes: First Place, The Mildred Kanterman Memorial Book Award (Haiku Society of America, 2014) [for Laughing to Myself].

Books Published: Autumn Wind in the Cracks (self-published, 1994); Unraked Leaves (self-published, 1995); A Work of Love [tanka] (Tiny Poems Press, 1997); Standing Here (self-published, 1998); Homework (Snapshot Press, 2000); being there (Swamp Press, 2005); Growing Late [tanka] (Snapshot Press, 2006); Laughing to Myself (Free Food Press, 2013).

Selected Work
spring planting
petals scattered over
turned earth
roaring wind-
my little thoughts
for tomorrow
moment of silence-
bubbles surface
on his beer
getting the newspaper…
just enough snow
for footprints
another day
a few birds fly
across the sunset
looking up-
as far as we got
the moon

Credits: All selections: Rt. 9 Haiku Group Dim Sum (2009/1 & 2009/2).

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