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Peter Meister

Peter Meister

Born: 1948 in the Midwest, USA
Resides: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
E-mail: meisterp (at) uah (dot) edu

In his youth, Peter protested the Viet Nam War. This formative experience slowed his progress through the College of Wooster, but he did eventually return for his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to complete his PhD in German at the University of Virginia. He taught German full-time at the University of Alabama in Huntsville from1990-2010, and part-time for awhile thereafter. For Peter, literature and religion exist along a continuum. He particularly likes haiku that seem or are grounded in Zen.

Awards and Other Honors: Who’s Who Among American Teachers and Educators (11th edition, 2007-08).

Books Published: German Literature between Faiths, Jew and Christian at Odds and in Harmony (Peter Lang, 2003); Arthurian Literature and Christianity: Notes from the Twentieth Century (Garland, 1999); The Healing Female in the German Courtly Romance (Göppingen, 1990).

Selected Work
some above,
      some just below the surface—
            stepping stones
     my older friends—
     the long canyons
     of their syllables
paper cup in the street
                           changing its mind
      What would I tell you,
   If you were here?  How the moon
      Grows used to the earth
     twilit mountain
around the sagging pier a bat
    touching the lake
flames the logs

Credits: "stepping stones" - Modern Haiku XXVI:3 (1995, page 23); The Red Moon Anthology 1996 (Red Moon Press, 1997, page 72); The Sampler [Alabama State Poetry Society, Ed., Donna Jean Tennis] (Volume 38, Fall 2006, page 42); "paper cup" - South by Southeast 8:1 (2001, page 22) [Highlighted in feature by Angier Brock, “What I Look For When Choosing Haiku”]; "twilit mountain" - Modern Haiku XXVI:3(1995 page 23); "my older friends" - South by Southeast 12:2 (2005, page 7); "What would I tell you?" - The Pennsylvania Gazette (1975); Undergraduate poetry prize, The University of Pennsylvania; "weightless" - South by Southeast 13:1 (2006, page 10).

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