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Peter Macrow

Peter Macrow

Born: October 26 1950 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Resides: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
E-mail: petermacrow (at) hotmail (dot) com

Educated in Australia and Germany. B.A. Hons (German), Grad Dip Lib, Grad Dip Languages (Japanese). Retired. Former German teacher, university lecturer in German literature and tutor of French literature. Former Sound Librarian for Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Four collections of poetry published (2 haiku, 2 other). Two further collections forthcoming. Edits and publishes Blue Giraffe poetry biannual. Member of the Watersmeet Haiku Group.

Books Published: Haiku and Senryu:  oil slick sun [haiku] (Pardalote Press, 2005) [ISBN 0 9578436 7 4]; Spring Rain [haiku and senryu] (Picaro Press, 2009) [ISBN 978-1-920957-87-2]. Other poetry:  Thuck [40 short poems] (Picaro Press, 2007) [ISBN 978-1-920957-48-3]; Waiting for the Moutain [10 three-part suites] (Picaro Press, 2009) [ISBN 978-1-920957-82-7]; Forthcoming from Picaro Press in 2011: Another Dangerous Day [72 short poems] and Watching the Lizard [haiku and senryu].

Selected Work
purple edges
on the white chrysanthemum
another year
in river mist
year’s end
election day
in fine rain
light rain
a leaf blows into my hand
and away
winter moon
across the wall
my long shadow
autumn wind
chasing my old hat
old me

Credits: "purple edges" - Stylus Poetry Journal (2005); "election day" - frogpond XXVI:1 (2003); "winter moon" - The Heron’s Nest XII:1 (2010); "willows" - The Heron’s Nest IV:8 (2002); "light rain" - Stylus Poetry Journal (2010); "autumn wind" - Presence 33 (2007).

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