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Edith Bartholomeusz

Edith Bartholomeusz

Born: January 28 1936, Switzerland
Resides: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
E-mail: frededith10 (at) gmail (dot) com

My life in equal quarters: Switzerland, where I was born and grew up. Sri Lanka, where our three sons were born. Zambia (Africa), where I experienced the rhythm and pull of the center of the earth. Phoenix, Arizona, where roots that have so often been pulled up now find nourishment beneath the desert I love.

Books Published: Into the Sun (Black Cat Press, 2009); Aglow at Noon (Black Cat Press, 2011).

Selected Work
into the sun
where eyes can't follow
a red-tailed hawk
crimson sunset
coyotes melt
into the desert wash
such silence -
an osprey's nest
sunk in snow
darkening sky -
a woman's song rises
on the desert breeze
winter solstice
mist rises to a flight
of pelicans
an armful of lilies
 in the fullness of summer
 an urn full of ash

Credits: All selections: Into the Sun (Black Cat Press, 2009).

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