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Daniel de Culla

Daniel de Culla

Resides: Between Burgos/Madrid, Spain & N. Hollywood USA
E-mail: gallotricolor (at) yahoo (dot) com

Daniel de Culla is a poet, writer, painter and photographer. He is a member of the Spanish Writers Association. Founder and editor of the reviews of BodyArt, Art and Culture, Gallo Tricolor, and Robespierre. He participates in Cultural Acts of Theatre and Performance.

Awards and Other Honors: Daniel de Culla has received many national and international awards.

Books Published: Most recent: Cantos de Abenamar [Abenamar' Songs] ISBN: 978-84-937337-6-6; Las Aves Derivaron De Los Saurpisidos [Birds Were Born From Sauropshides] ISBN: 978-84-938337-4-2; and A Orillas Del Guatizalema [At the Guatizalema's Bank],LD: BU-380/2009.

Selected Work
A hat of flowers
As going back in history.
When all is Poetry.
Inhuman life
Never loses its power:
Strong Nature.
Come thru the door.
People on the other side.
A monk in yr hands.
Corruption of man
Upon his love of the truth.
Ideas broken.
Cycly from diaries
Flying buzz from ceiling cracks
Thru the glass onion.
In due time
The fraud is a manifest.
Task in a zendo.

Credits: All selections are from Robespierre (2008)

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