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Marshall Hryciuk

Marshall Hryciuk

Born: August 23 1951 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Resides: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: imagorediron (at) rogers (dot) com

Starting writing short poems about immediate experience while in high school in Hamilton. Found in Alan Watts' Way of Zen that they could be called 'haiku'. Left to take a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy at the University of Toronto where i discovered the phenomenological philosopher, Martin Heidegger and the Symboliste poets Charles Baudelaire and Ste'phane Mallarme'. Can write and publish full-time there now, living with my wife of 12 years, the poet, Karen Sohne.

Awards and Other Honors: (1) Tomoya Prefecture School Board Renku Award for 1992 [Hryciuk composed the opening verse, called hokku; "mist shadows/ a white heron perched above/ the river" and two later links in the full kasen (36 verse) linked poem and two "love' links that were used later by Ai Tazaki, the leader of this renku and the 'Ki No Kai' Renku Group centred in Toyota City, Japan. These were: "humid night/kissing anyways" and "wanting to appear discreet/ he leaves motor running". And for this he received a copy of the anthology of all the winners--about 300 out of 12,000 renku win prizes per year--since burned in his apartment fire; with his contributions printed in English as well as in Japanese in the body of the text and a bolo tie featuring a maple leaf carved from pine wood. The group in Toyota City received a specially lacquered bowl.] (2) Honourable Mention, 2nd Still Magazine Haiku Prize (London, 1998) [for "Saturday to myself/ some leaves hit the trailer/ some leaves the ground".] (3) The Asahi Newspaper Award (2002) [for "first butterfly/ on the mud/ keeping to the sunlit patches". For this he received a parchment citation suitable for framing, a copy of an anthology of all the winners of recent awards centred around the Ashiya International Haiku Festival in Kumamoto City, Japan and a copy of the Saturday edition of the English Language Asahi (means 'dawn') Newspaper announcing his victory. All of these perished in the fire. The judge was Teiko Inahata.] (4) Bashō Festival Special Selection Certificate from Ueno City, Japan, the 58th celebration (October, 2004) [for "weeping willow/ an egret on driftwood/ hunches at the river".] (5) Runner-up, 2nd International Contest for Haiku in English from Klostar Ivanic, Croatia (October 2005) [for "rustling leaves at night/ from the back porch/ moon nearly full".] (6) 1st Prize, 3rd International Contest for Haiku in English from Klostar Ivanic, Croatia, chosen out of 582 entries, (November 2006) ["in noon light/ a brown pine needle/ spinning above the ferns".] (7) 1st Prize, Haiku International Contest in non-Japanese Section -all other countries besides Japan, 186 entries in 12 languages (November 2006) [for "in darkness/ i await/ my voice".] (8) Honourable Mention, Concursul international de haiku, Bucharest, Romania - Crane Contest (July 2009) [for "broken cloud/ breaks in the snow on the hills/ dawn".] (9) Winner for October 2010 and Runner-up for September in the Snapshot Press 2009 Calendar Contest (November, 2009, Liverpool UK) [for "rain done/ orange maple leaves/ in breaking light" and "behind the Inukshuk/ a cord of cormorants/ shriek into rain" respectively.] (10) 2nd Prize The Haiku Presence Award for 2009 (January, 2010, Preston, UK) [for "cumulonimbus/ barn swallows/ skitter through the sailboats".] (11) Honourable Mention, The Mainichi Haiku Contest, 2009 (January 2010, Tokyo, Japan) [for "underground station/ two pigeons gliding by/ eastbound doors".]

Books Published: Arizona to Crete (Toronto, Imago Press, 2008); Charge of the Leit Motif (Toronto; Nietzsche's Brolly, 2003); fine wing: a butterfly cycle of lyrical poems (Hamilton, Ontario, Seagull Publishing, 1978) [reissued as of Toronto, Nietzsche's Brolly in 1985]; From the First 950: Collected Haiku, 1968 - 2002 [in Holographic edition of 4 or 5 volumes] (Toronto, Imago Press, 2002); The Gathered Galloping Syntaxi Strands 1 – 60 (Port Charlotte, Florida, Runaway Spoon Press [RASP], 1992); Gleaming Branches: poems of the elements (Toronto; Nietzsche's Brolly, 1994); the i love Lucy manuscript (Toronto, Letters twobitter, 1992); Marshall's Frankliecygnoctras (Toronto; Nietzsche's Brolly, 2007); No Holds Bard first volley (Toronto; Nietzsche's Brolly, 1985); Persimmon Moons (Toronto; Imago Press, 1998. 2nd edition, 2008); Rhapsody to Krete (Toronto; Imago Press, 2007); Singed Leaves (Toronto; Simon & Pierre, 1989); this is hilarious (Toronto; Unfinished Monument Press, 1985); Through the Screen, Through the Rain (Pointe Claire QC, King's Road Press, 2001); the travelling light (Toronto, CurvdH&Z, 1988); Winnow wing: Gallery Edition [with twelve original, full colour lithographs by Elizabeth Forrest and printed in an edition of 25 copies] (Toronto, Greyn Forrest Press, 1980); Winnow wing: a dithyrambic deconstruction (Toronto; Nietzsche's Brolly, 1980); words' woods (Toronto, Nietzsche's Brolly, 2010); Arizona to Crete: the ebook (Cyberspace, Smashwords/Imago co-publication, 2010).

Selected Work
in noon light
a brown pine needle
spinning above the ferns
weeping willow
an egret on driftwood
hunches at the river
Minos' Palace ruins
a drifting hawk
thins to sunlight
in darkness
i await
my voice
barn swallows
skitter through the sailboats
behind the Inukshuk
a cord of cormorants
shriek into rain

Credits: "in noon light" - Winner, 3rd Klostar Ivanic International Contest for Haiku in English, (Klostar Ivanic, Croatia, 2006); "Minos' Palace ruins" - Haiku International 69 (Tokyo, Japan, 2007); "cumulonimbus" - 2nd Prize, Haiku Presence Award (2009); Presence 40 (Preston UK, 2010); "weeping willow" – Special Certificate, Bashō Festival, the 58th Celebration (Ueno City, Japan, 2004);"in darkness" – Winner, 8th Haiku International Haiku Contest for Non Japanese Speakers (2006); Haiku International 67 (Tokyo, Japan, 2006); "behind the Inukshuk" - Runner-up for the month of September in the Snapshot 2009 Haiku Calendar Contest (Liverpool U.K., 2009).

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