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Bob Carlton

Bob Carlton

Born: in Athens Georgia, USA
Resides: Garland, Texas, USA
E-mail: rlc3po8 (at) gmail (dot) com

Books Published: The Laughter of Stones (Good SAMARitan Press, 2000); Dim Lanes, Open Space (WordTechs Press, 2008)

Selected Work
Slight breeze—
a field of dewdrops
blinking dawn.
Dozing off,
the sound of rain--waking up,
silent snowfall.
After the first freeze--
aiming at the cloudy sky
a new garlic shoot.
Cicada cries
swelling and fading--
smell of squash leaves.
My exhaled breath
absorbed by fog--
the waning moon.
morning coffee--
the dog snaps
at a fly.

Credits: "Slight breeze" - Frogpond 29:2 (1996); "After the first freeze" - The Herb Network (Summer 1997); "My exhaled breath" - Heron Quarterly 2:1 (1998); "Dozing off" - Heron Quarterly 2:1 (1998); "Cicada cries" - Modern Haiku 30:2 (1999); "morning coffee" - White Lotus 5 (2007); dust of summers: Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2007).

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