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Rebecca Lilly

Rebecca Lilly

Born: November 18 1969 in Charlottesville Virginia, USA
Resides: Port Republic, Virginia, USA
E-mail: rlilly69 (at) earthlink (dot) net

Rebecca Lilly has an M.F.A. from Cornell in creative writing and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton. She works as a writer, and has published six collections of poems and two books on spiritual philosophy and practice.

Awards and Other Honors: Lilly's collection of haiku, <i>Shadwell Hills</i> (Birch Brook Press, 2002), received a High Commendation from the Haiku Society of America in its annual awards. Her poetry collection, <i>You Want to Sell Me a Small Antique</i> (Gibbs Smith, 2002), won the Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize. She was one of 17 poets featured in <i>A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku </i>(Red Moon Press, 2001). Her haiku have been selected to appear in several Red Moon Press best-of-year anthologies, including <i>edge of light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2002</i> (Red Moon Press, 2003) and <i>the loose thread: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2001</i> (Red Moon Press, 2002). In addition, an article about her, featuring some of her haiku, appeared in the October 2009 issue of <i>Virginia Living</i>. Some of her haiku was selected for <i>The Piedmont Virginian</i> (Autumn 2009), and two haiku sequences were selected for <i>Blueline</i>, a journal published at SUNY Potsdam. Other awards and honors include the First Place Award in The Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award Competition (2015).

Books Published: <i>You Want to Sell Me a Small Antique</i> [poetry] (Gibbs Smith 2002); <i>Shadwell Hills</i> [haiku] (Birch Brook Press, 2002) [released as e-book, 2012]; <i>The Insights of Higher Awareness</i> [spiritual philosophy and practice] (Humanics,; <i>Ego and the Spiritual Self</i> [spiritual philosophy and practice] (Humanics, 2007); <i>Light's Reservoir</i> (Antrim House Books, 2013) [a collection of haiku on Appalachian wildflowers featuring 12 color plates by Rachel Lilly] and a companion volume, <i>A Prism of Wings</i> (Antrim House Books, 2013) [a collection of haiku on butterflies, with an emphasis on those found in the Eastern U.S., featuring 12 color plates by Sarah McQuilkin]; <i>Yesterday's Footprints</i> (Red Moon Press, 2012); <i>Elements of a Life</i> (Red Moon Press, 2014).

Selected Work
Moon in the well
crossed by spider threads—
the day's end
Fading day moon—
cool scent of clay
from the cemetery
Fire-charred land—
the quiet again
after the train passes
Distant thunder—
the flick of a lizard's tail
among the rocks
Driftwood gathers
in sycamore shadows—
the quiet afternoon
Sundown heat—
the horse's milky eye
turned toward me

Credits: "Moon in the well" – <i>Modern Haiku</i> 36.2 (2005); "Fire-charred land" – <i>Modern Haiku</i> 36.1 (2005); "Driftwood gathers" – <i>Modern Haiku</i> 35.3 (2004); "Fading day moon" – <i>Modern Haiku</i> 35.3 (2004); "Distant thunder" 3– <i>Modern Haiku</i> 5.1 (2004); "Sundown heat"– <i>Modern Haiku</i> 34.3 (2003).

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